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  1. UboatOfDeath

    Wow I won the perfect attendance raffle at work today!

    The store I work at does it occasionally, but they only announce the winner before they claim the prize via the break room message board. After the person claims their prize, they immediately take down the congratulatory message making it very easy for people to not know who won the perfect...
  2. UboatOfDeath

    Wow I won the perfect attendance raffle at work today!

    They even gave me this Sony Bluetooth speaker as a reward! 😍
  3. UboatOfDeath

    Would you ever ask out a coworker?

    I always got dumped :(
  4. UboatOfDeath

    Consequences to calling out?

    I usually post up my shift first. If no one takes it, I'll call off the day before the shift starts
  5. UboatOfDeath

    Electronics TM's get paid more...

    The only speciality tms I know of are the ones that do hearth and hand... and while I don't push hearth and hand, I know it's a pain in the ass to deal with all the styrofoam, metal wires, plastic wrappings... on top of whatever cardboard I have in home decor...
  6. UboatOfDeath

    So I apparently I got Employee of the month!

    They had mines ready, it's just that since the bags that contained the plaques and gift cards were not labeled, the shift leader mistakenly gave me someone else's bag. I managed to return the other person's plaque back and the shift leader gave me the plaque that awarded me... However I was on a...
  7. UboatOfDeath

    So I apparently I got Employee of the month!

    They gave me: -a congratulatory greeting card that was signed by my shift leader -a in and out fast food card (value doesn't say) -a target gift card (value doesn't say) The store didn't tell anyone else... But I left behind the plaque because I left in a rush that day. So I'm certain people...
  8. UboatOfDeath

    So I apparently I got Employee of the month!

    My shift leaders asked me to come to TSC. My shift leaders shut the door behind me and asked me "do you know why we called you here"... The first thought that came to my mind, was that they were gonna fire me, so I told them "I'm getting fired"? They told me no, they told me that I was meeting...
  9. UboatOfDeath

    So I apparently I got Employee of the month!

    But it's under the name of someone else 😵 Oh well, they tried... It's the thought that counts no? 🙃
  10. UboatOfDeath

    What is it like working at Target?

    Just don't apply to overnight inbound!
  11. UboatOfDeath

    How does your store schedule double trucks?

    Im honestly not to sure. There's a few gm team members are scheduled like at 10pm to do the pulls. One person is scheduled at 11:30pm to set up the tracks/open the trailer 5 or 7 people scheduled at midnight to unload/help out out on the line I don't know for sure how many people are scheduled...
  12. UboatOfDeath

    How does your store schedule double trucks?

    12am start unloading first truck 1:30~2:30AM finished first truck and immediately unload the second 3:30-4:00AM both trucks done and we take our breaks shortly after. Anyone scheduled at 1:00AM pushes whatever that's been sorted out on the line, taken upstairs via freight elevator... Or they...
  13. UboatOfDeath

    I asked my TL to show me how to use the Mytime , we couldnt get it to work on my old Android phone. Any suggestions? What is a push. Notfication?

    Me: takes time detrashing Shift leads: y though Me: maybe if I had a little more motivation... Shift leads: come to TSC we need to talk Me: what about the time frame Shift leads: CoMe To TsC NoW Me: okay UwU
  14. UboatOfDeath

    Specialty How's Ulta going?

    Repacks are pretty dumb, on the truck there's usually one or two items inside these repacks making it very likely to get crushed by heavier boxes or thrown off the conveyor belt during the unload
  15. UboatOfDeath

    can i work inbound if i’m a minor?

    some of my coworkers were allowed to work at 1am...
  16. UboatOfDeath

    I guess we're doing softlines in elevators now

    Today was a weird night at target 🤷‍♂️
  17. UboatOfDeath

    Target Area Names By Initials

    What's a truck thrower? Someone who loads up a freight truck? Also wanna add DEC: home decor
  18. UboatOfDeath

    Safety First

    I still don't know how to use a crown/pallet stacker, but my shift leader expects me to use it everytime I do a bale. They didn't even teach me how to a bale either... Had to look up a youtube video on my day off...
  19. UboatOfDeath

    Does Target call to tell you that they have passed on hiring you?

    I think you'll know once they call you in for an orientation date. During your orientation, they'll explain to you that there are different ways you can find out when your scheduled to work... Something like that
  20. UboatOfDeath

    Too many candle endcaps? Not going clearance/salvage?

    My store has too many door mat end caps... With one end cap having a really tall shelf that an average height person would have trouble reaching... With rugs on the bottom that have flimsy brackets that don't hold them in place and are prone to making the rugs fall