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  1. CrazyTarget

    TL transfer

    I am interested in other experiences about transferring. I already have the longest commuted than order TL/ETL and when I move, my commute will be an over an hour. As a "high performance" TL, I know I can find store outside my district closer to my new place. The things that goes against me is...
  2. CrazyTarget

    Different store experiences

    In how many different stores you worked? 👀
  3. CrazyTarget


    How do I do this? How much in advance I need to tell them I want to transfer, and how long does the whole procedure last? ...from your experience/s. Do I tell first my ETL or HR-ETL, or apply first and tell them? I know that electronics/backroom TMs keep they pay if the go for the front end...
  4. CrazyTarget

    Archived Transferring to the new store...

    I'm planing to open this topic for some time, but kinda scared of the answer... it's about transferring. Couple of months ago I was promoted after dismissing rumors about me moving cross country. I'm 'outstanding' TM, cross-train to do a lot things in the store. My question is, can my store...
  5. CrazyTarget

    Archived Affinity TV

    This week I did a revision for 'TV Deal Buy' POG at Electronics, and we now got a new brand Affinity. Has someone know what kind of brand is it? I see BestBuy is selling it also, but google can't help you makes them. Does somebody know? :buba:
  6. CrazyTarget

    Archived Pharmacy Technician interview

    Next week I have an interview for Pharmacy Technician position with ETL-Rx. I already had an experience with TL, PA and Elec TM interviews... Is there anything specific about this interview? Any tips and suggestions? :buba:
  7. CrazyTarget

    Archived backroom location accuracy

    I am no backroom TM, but I'm Elec TM, and I pull, backstock and do batches for elec and ent. The first time I did a lot of batches I made 12 baffles, and lets just say BR-ETL was not happy. After that, I try to be 100% on the reports, but sometimes we all make a mistakes. :girl_mad: This...
  8. CrazyTarget

    Archived Recommendation Letter from your ETL

    Do they do that? Whats Targets policy regarding Recommendation Letters from your TLs/ETLs/STLs? I'm slowly exploring other options, and some part time jobs... so I'm wondering. :scruf:
  9. CrazyTarget

    Archived Pay in other states

    I'm thinking on moving cross country next year, and I was wondering how much Target pays in some other regions in the States. Whats a starting pay for a TM and a TL at your store and what State or metro area/region is that? At my store is 9.5, and 13.75 for TL, and I'm from metro NYC area. I...
  10. CrazyTarget

    Archived Greetings from NYC

    One more TM from New York City Area. I been fallowing this forum since January, but I wasn't so active before. Started in Target in November as seasonal, in HBA (Hardlines), but I'm trained for pretty much everything. Next week I'll be Electronics TM. This forum is awesome.... :soldier: