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  1. jackandcat

    Price Increases

    I don't know who is officially tasked with pricing accuracy in our store. As a guest advocate, I'm seeing a distressing number of inaccurate price tags. On my lunch, I'll sometimes stroll over to see for myself. In my own shopping, I'm finding a lot of incorrect price tags. Inflation is driving...
  2. jackandcat

    Cleaning and Disinfecting: is your store doing this?

    I notice our store still receives hours for cleaning and disinfecting, and somebody is supposed to submit the daily C&D worksheet. I have seen very, very little cleaning. Carts - we have some spray and towels but cleaning isn't going on all the time. We don't have sprays and towels in our...
  3. jackandcat

    Locality-specific pay increases

    Our suburban Target near Seattle just bumped the minimum pay to $17.50 hourly. Our store faces enormous difficulty recruiting currently particularly as many stores are hiring, and Amazon in particular is scooping up new hires. What are others seeing in their stores?
  4. jackandcat

    Receipt printer problems - maintenance?

    Receipt printers receive a lot of usage. Like most things which are heavily used, they need occasional maintenance and repair. Our store has some receipt printers which aren't printing legible receipts, even after clearing out the paper debris and inserting a different receipt paper roll. Some...
  5. jackandcat

    Elimination of paper paychecks?

    Our store recently announced the elimination of paper paychecks as of the next payroll cycle Those who don't use direct deposit will have their money put on a US Bank payroll card. Not too many workplaces offer paper paychecks in 2021, so I'm not necessarily surprised at this since retrieving...
  6. jackandcat

    2021 reviews

    Any idea when your store's 2021 reviews will occur?
  7. jackandcat

    Service & Engagement Self-checkout social distancing -- or lack thereof

    Our guests are very compliant with mask wearing rules, but they seem clueless about social distancing at self checkout. This gets particularly bad when a guest needs help with an age-restricted ID or other assistance. You would assume with all the COVID guidelines our guests shouldn't have to...
  8. jackandcat

    Best places to work after leaving Target?

    I'm thinking about the rest of my career. My intuition is that I'm at a career ceiling at Target, very little likelihood of promotion. Better pay and benefits are important, but also a fairly good work environment (which is where Target is okay). I've been with Target for over three years, am...
  9. jackandcat

    "Guest Advocate" divided into two job titles?

    When did Target change the job title "Guest Advocate" into two new titles, "Checkout Advocate" and "Service Advocate"? What is the difference? Is "Service Advocate" equivalent to the old GSA position? Is there a pay range difference?
  10. jackandcat

    Christmas Eve 2020 store hours?

    Do we know Target's store hours for Christmas Eve this year? COVID19 and its recurrence have successfully created public support against Thanksgiving Day retail store openings. Nearly all retail stores close on Christmas Eve at 6:00 PM or earlier, yet in recent years Target has desperately...
  11. jackandcat

    Recognized national holidays at Target: what about Martin Luther King and Juneteenth?

    Target currently recognizes six national holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Given the recent last-minute decision to recognize Juneteenth as a holiday a month ago, will Target be permanently adding Juneteenth to the list of...
  12. jackandcat

    Why do stores avoid fixing front-end tech problems?

    Are SDs and ETLs given an incentive for not spending money to fix malfunctioning card readers, registers, thermal receipt printers, self-checkout machines and even security-wrap opening tools? I've gotten tired of asking our TLs and ETLs about this. When stuff malfunctions at the front end...
  13. jackandcat

    Service & Engagement Product UPCs unscannable at register

    I'm picking on Blossom cosmetics, a fairly new line at our store, because their SKUs not only are extremely tiny but combined with poor printing quality they are basically unscannable. Even worse, the UPC number is unreadable without a magnifying glass at smaller than 1 point font. It's hard to...
  14. jackandcat

    COVID-19 Will Target stores be required to refuse service to non-face-covering guests?

    I don't know about other states, but Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee issued a face-covering edict effective as of Tuesday, July 8th, In my store, I'd guess well over 95% of our guests are complying with face-covering rules. But with this new emergency rule, will we literally have to escort...
  15. jackandcat

    Service & Engagement Guests and the Target Circle PIN-pad prompt location

    For those of you who are Cashiers aka Advocates, how many times per day have your guests started typing their Target Circle number in the wrong spot on the PIN pad? Is Corporate capable of improving the interface so that the red-screen Target Circle box is more obvious as the starting point for...
  16. jackandcat

    Thanksgiving 2020 and our "heroes"

    During the height of the pandemic, those of us working during the crisis were called "heroes". Retail companies ran ads on television, the Internet and billboards applauding front-line retail workers as "heroes" for running the risk of catching COVID-19 from the public. So let's talk turkey...
  17. jackandcat

    Service & Engagement Payment card reader calibration with cash registers - issues?

    Over the past couple of months, I've noticed a frequent tech issue involving synchronization between our payment card readers (a/k/a "PIN Pads") and our cash registers. Those guests who are in the habit of inserting their payment cards into the "PIN pad" before the Advocate has completed...
  18. jackandcat

    Seattle-area Target looted this afternoon, according to Tukwila Police

    The Tukwila police informed KIRO-TV that the South Center Target was looted this afternoon. Now I know why the rest of the Seattle area Target stores were shut down this afternoon.
  19. jackandcat

    Corporate Should Target continue closing its stores at 9 PM?

    Thinking about how much Corporate wants to reduce payroll costs while increasing guest experience, I long ago noticed our store had very minimal sales after 9 PM, with the possible exception of Friday night. Now that we've seen the stores can function really well closing at 9 PM, and that a...
  20. jackandcat

    What percentage raise did you receive this year?

    Most of you have received your 2020 reviews. What percentage raise did you receive, and if you are comfortable, did you receive an overall DEO, DIO or ION rating?