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    Archived Tuition Reimbursement..

    TMs don't get ANY tuition help, I think they have even gotten rid of TL's getting tuition assistance! Only Exempt employees get Masters degree tuition reimbursement, sorry
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    Archived MJ Use and Workers Comp

    This person should try to get their store to pay for the expenses, if they won't, she'll have to seek legal help
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    Archived Are they cutting hours now to make FT TM's all PT TM's now due to this Affordable Health Care Act?

    All you can do is "play nice" and hope that your tl, etl, stl, and hr all like you, and maybe you'll get enough hours to qualify for coverage, if not, you'll almost definitely be eligible for Medicaid, or for heavily subsidized Affordable Care Act plans, which are all better than Target...
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    Archived Costco is coming to town...

    Costco is "perfect" their Minimum Wage is 12$/hour! And they are Unionized! If you can get in there, go!
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    Archived Final Corrective Action

    The way it will affect your review score, is that you are guaranteed that you won't get a raise, sorry
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    Archived Annual review slap in the face....kinda...

    Wow, since only a maximum of 5% if allowed to get an O, for you to get 2 out of 3 years O's is incredible. Congrats! I'm very happy that the original poster feels he has a good TL, that is a rarity, glad that some people are getting treated well =)
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    Archived About to be fired...

    Unfortunately, this can happen, it shouldn't, but it does. I know a lot of people who say they are looking for employment, and the main reason they haven't gotten employed is because of what the post on their LinkedIn and Facebook accounts
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    Archived Do new team members get less hours?

    Your welcome to disagree, I happen to have both personal experience for myself, as well as spoken to thousands of employees who feel you comments aren't true. I'm glad you feel you have been treated well, but many thousands would not agree with you, I'm not saying Target is the only retailer...
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    Archived A good place for Insurance Information

    Jack, HRA is MUCH better than HSA, as HSA has a very high deductible. You actually have until April 1st to enroll, though they won't tell you that. HSA is crappy, good choice! I'm guessing you are a white male from the south? Obama is NOTHING like Bush, Bush was TERRIBLE! The ACA...
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    Archived A good place for Insurance Information

    Jack, can you please elaborate on what you mean about what our country has turned into? Thanks! Regarding the smoker topic, yes, they automatically mark you down as if you are a smoker, in part to force people to go in to renew their plan choice from last year, then again, hardly any plan...
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    Archived Are they cutting hours now to make FT TM's all PT TM's now due to this Affordable Health Care Act?

    Just a reminder, don't forget, you can only use up to your average hours when applying vacation time, so if you average hours are 30 and you work 30, you can't add any hours, that's been the rule for several years now, it's was intentional to keep employees hours lower so people won't be...
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    Archived Do new team members get less hours?

    To be clear, officially speaking, all hourly store employees are part time, with no guarantee of hours whatsoever (one of millions of reasons to form unions) Unfortunately how this usually works, is the better your relationship with your tl and hr, the better your chances of getting more hours...
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    Archived Target violated federal law according to the NLRB notice on eHR that no one saw...

    I'll address many of the comments, one, there are cameras absolutely everywhere in the store, don't hope or assume one isn't in your breakroom or the bathroom or anywhere. The employee handbook (which is available thru hr and on e hr) explains that Target basically is all powerful and has all...
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    Archived Target Valentine's Day Puns

    I agree, the best thing everyone below management could do is form a union =)
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    Archived Are they cutting hours now to make FT TM's all PT TM's now due to this Affordable Health Care Act?

    The "basic" plans that Target offered part time employees were "junk" plans, meaning they covered so very little, they really didn't help anyone in the event of a medical emergency or serious illness. Because of the ACA, most of the people who used to get the "basic" plans will now be able to...
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    Archived Work Related Injury?

    You are entitled to Workman's compensation and all of your medical bills be paid if the injury is work related.
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    Archived I hate to ask this but I still haven't received my final check...

    Actually, the official answer is going to be determined by what your state guidelines are, some states like CA require IMMEDIATE pay, other states only require immediate payout for those being terminated. Your HR should have explained when you could expect to get your last check. I'd call them...
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    Archived Final warning question

    Ask your ETL HR to give you the exact details. There is a "critical" period, which is usually the first 30 days, but sometimes that period can be 6 months or a year. Usually you have to commit the same type of infraction to get terminated, so if the CA is for attendance, you just need to make...
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    Archived Sexual Harrassment

    You'll have to continue to report the legitimate events that happen on a daily basis. If they say something or do something, report it to HR. It's confidential what Corrective Action the accused TM's will receive, so just because they are still working there, doesn't mean they aren't on some...
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    Archived cutting hours for flow rant

    It's always best to discuss this with your TL so they know how you feel. If you don't feel comfortable going to them, let some other member of management or HR know how you feel.