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  1. citrusapple

    The Things Guests Do/Pet Peeves Thread

    Cannot stand shit like that. One time when I was on registers, this mombie with her two kids also decided to let them "help" with the card reader, causing issues. The guy behind her got impatient and yelled at her to control her children and stop holding up the line. She turned red and pursed...
  2. citrusapple

    Specialty Ethics Training .... Joke!

    They just did ours in a huddle. A sheet for everyone to sign was passed around while one of the leads read off all the questions. Don't know how they had anyone who missed the huddle complete it.
  3. citrusapple


    Yeah, they can. They put me on softlines sales floor once, which would have been fine if it had just been working pulls, but they wanted me to set stuff... had no idea how to do that at that point. Lucky for me, there was a TM there who they'd scheduled for Instocks who rarely did it and also...
  4. citrusapple

    C’mon Spot, Let’s Go Green!

    Surprising there aren't recycling bins at your store. I think we have three - front doors, break room, receiving. We got in some 80% post-consumer recycled bags for the registers a while back, but we must've only gotten one shipment of them in and then they were gone. Haven't received any more...
  5. citrusapple

    Can an ETL force me to do cashier training?

    Whoops, I had no idea. This happened probably 3 or 4 years ago, so I don't really know about many changes that happen regarding the lanes. They used to schedule me some cashier shifts because I always had good speed scores, but the only time I ever got RedCard signups was if someone had already...
  6. citrusapple

    Can an ETL force me to do cashier training?

    Everyone has to be cashier trained, they told us. It doesn't necessarily mean they'll start giving you tons of cashier shifts if that's what you're afraid of. And if they do, well... they stopped scheduling me to cashier because I never got RedCard signups.
  7. citrusapple

    Playing Music In Target?

    "White Light" by Real Estate "Big Time" by Peter Gabriel "Hold On Forever" by Rob Thomas
  8. citrusapple

    Empty Shelves

    And for as much as I audit, or used to, I still came across stuff like that enough times. Maybe not to the extent of 200 days, but still. I used to do the all store audit every Sunday... I scanned everything except beauty, electronics, and market. My accuracy and counts were always excellent...
  9. citrusapple

    Empty Shelves

    Leads told us we weren't doing audit anymore because "DC already knows what we're out of and it's redundant." Yep. The only audits anyone is allowed to do is to check the suspect task lists. Instead, they want us to just check outs in EXF to make sure there aren't any in the back.
  10. citrusapple

    Empty Shelves

    I think the empty shelf problem is a bit worse since they made us stop doing audits. There are always some products that would take 3 months to get more of regardless of how many times they were scanned, but in general, I still think audit helped. Our baby TM said the baby food section has gone...
  11. citrusapple

    Taking a personal day

    I just ask off for one once in a while. I work every weekend which I wouldn't mind except the noise level is atrocious and I'm pretty sound sensitive. A couple of times a year, I will pick a random Saturday to take off. For the reason, I'll note that I have various plans, but I'm really just...
  12. citrusapple

    Who recently quit at your store?

    A former plano team member quit. She had not planned to. With plano team being eliminated, so were most of her hours - not sure what work center they were going to assign her to. So she got a part-time job elsewhere and told our leads she needed to change her availability to accommodate that...
  13. citrusapple

    Logistics The Flow/Inbound thread: Too many REEEEEpacks Edition 📦📦📦📦

    I like doing the H&B repacks. Not a fan of doing the rest.
  14. citrusapple

    Not Fast Enough

    One of our TMs was just told they were too slow and was really upset about it. That person is not as fast some, true. Physically, they aren't able to move as fast as others. But they are always working, always helping guests as best they can, never standing around wasting time. Meanwhile...
  15. citrusapple

    No vehicles

    That's exactly why I keep mine to use for backstock. I can take it into the aisle with me and it goes much faster than dealing with trying to fit a U-boat among all the others back there.
  16. citrusapple

    Dental Plan

    I went with the higher of the three plans (80% covered up to $1500... or was it $2000, I can't remember offhand) and it's worked out nicely for me. I need some dental work and I was putting it off because I couldn't afford it. One of the people at my dentist's office put together a list for me...
  17. citrusapple

    No vehicles

    I use a 3-tier for pulling my HBA batches. I push that right away, then I keep the 3-tier to put my backstock from repacks in, then use it to pull EXF batches if I have time to make any. I heard they weren't going to take any of our 3-tiers away, but if they break somehow they won't be fixed or...
  18. citrusapple

    Audit app

    I was told no more auditing either, aside from the task list stuff or if they ask me to do an area for some reason. I used to do the all store audit by myself every Sunday, and now they're putting me on "priority 1" stuff instead. I don't mind that, but I'm going to miss my audit days. Our leads...
  19. citrusapple

    Co-worker comes to work reeking of alcohol. Would you go to management?

    I didn't hear it from the leads so I don't know how it was phrased... just passed through the rumor mill that they'd fired him because of the drinking. I remember the TM who told me saying they thought he should've been given a break because he was a much better worker than the sober slackers. I...
  20. citrusapple

    Co-worker comes to work reeking of alcohol. Would you go to management?

    We used to have a flow TM who some TMs complained about because he would come in smelling of alcohol. It was apparent he had a problem. But the guy always showed up on time, did everything asked of him, offered to stay late whenever needed, and was friendly. They put up with it for quite a...