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  1. Black Sheep 214

    Pushing truck after hours?

    Dedicated business owners.😊
  2. Black Sheep 214

    Leaving after 5 years

    Good luck!
  3. Black Sheep 214

    There needs to be a company wide strike

    STL is the title recently replaced by SD, which is a (at least) 40 year old title recycled from another company that was mismanaged into liquidation by what seemed at that time to be the worst management on Earth. How appropriate that it has been brought back now by Spot...
  4. Black Sheep 214

    Hey everyone, new Electronics TM here!

  5. Black Sheep 214

    Dear Corporate...

    ^This! After the golden parachutes, of course...
  6. Black Sheep 214

    Dear Corporate...

    Yep, and it’s not going to be Target...
  7. Black Sheep 214

    Who recently quit at your store?

    Truth is not only the first casualty of war, it is apparently the first casualty of Modernization, although loyalty, compassion and humane leadership seem to be close competitors. It’s not limited to Spot, but “X left to pursue other opportunities” and “X is no longer with the company” seem to...
  8. Black Sheep 214

    I'm Outie For Nowie

    Congrats and Good Luck!
  9. Black Sheep 214

    Who recently quit at your store?

    Congrats and Good Luck!
  10. Black Sheep 214

    Anyone here deal with mental illness?

    What if he had an eye on getting 50% of your business profits when he asked you to move in? Nice deal for him, not so much for you, with him getting 50% of your profits for basically no work and an investment. How much of an investment, and what is his return on it? Sounds like he wants to play...
  11. Black Sheep 214

    Opened TL's Email, Search History Evidence

    You’re welcome.
  12. Black Sheep 214

    Opened TL's Email, Search History Evidence

    I wouldn’t say anything. I doubt that the TL has time to search e-mail, probably hardly has time to read it. Even if your mistake is discovered, the TL might just overlook it since she she is nice and because she isn’t supposed to leave sensitive material open on the desktop and could be in as...
  13. Black Sheep 214

    Leaving Spot... Enlisting in the Army!

  14. Black Sheep 214

    Stupid things people have been fired for at your store?

    If he kissed ass my ETL would have treated him like a king...
  15. Black Sheep 214

    Told to game the system

    ^This. Some ETLs seem to care more about green metrics than they do about having product on the floor, or anything else except making themselves look good by any means necessary. Cheating instead of finding and fixing problems gets those all important metrics green, so that’s what they will tell...
  16. Black Sheep 214

    Need Help! Start date

  17. Black Sheep 214

    BTS 2019, This Time with Feeling

    😂😂😂 WOW, you could sell tickets to that...😂😂😂