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    Seasonal Termination and Refusal to Provide Termination Letter

    HR Operations Center: 1 (800) 394-1885
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    2022 Vacation/Time Off Changes

    I like the new changes, they increased the overall accrual rate which is nice. I think the full time workers getting more vacation then part time people is a nice touch to. Although I am still confused by the Holiday pay thing like many others.
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    Thanks 579 Leadership team.

    The effort in this video is impressive! Glad they could have some fun during the season.
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    New POS

    You have anymore information on this? I hope they restrict it to leaders and have the ability to give it to certain TMs to.
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    Service & Engagement New POS Register Checklist

    A real waste of my time and energy is banking 90% of the lanes, yes we have a way to tell which registers were used but not all of the 90% used cash. And when your Target has 36 registers I don’t consider it a waste of my time.
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    Target email address.

    Yes please tell me, or is this just a master ip position for your store?
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    Service & Engagement New POS Register Checklist

    It’s not though…. because the list is not accurate with which registers had cash transactions. And clearly it isn’t best practice anymore to bank all the registers so I’m trying to figure out what Target is going for here with the new best practice….
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    Answered Why merchandise cards must be returned back on the merchandise card

    New system won’t even allow overrides so I’m expecting more angry people sometimes. It’s mainly where they say they spent $300 cash, $100 merch, they return $150 worth of merchandise with receipt, register forces it $100 to go back on merch but the guest wants the portion they paid card with.
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    Service & Engagement New POS Register Checklist

    Does anyone know the method behind this? It seems to leave a lot of money in registers overnight so our store hasn’t been following it so I’m curious what the devs/corporate was going for here. How often does the list update, what triggers a register to be put on the list?
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    Answered Why merchandise cards must be returned back on the merchandise card

    I’ll take a look at the back of the merch cards. To be clear I am talking about guests who have a receipt and they go to return stuff, and the system requires it to go back to a merch card since part of the transaction was paid with one.
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    Answered Why merchandise cards must be returned back on the merchandise card

    Old thread but does anybody have a policy we can specifically point out saying that the money has to be returned all the way to the merch card before any other payment method. Even if they paid part of there transaction in cash or credit.
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    New POS

    Remember when they had that survey of if we wanted to be able to control self checkouts from Zebra.
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    Fast scan defects do work wonderfully though
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    Discount and ship to different address

    I can’t quite remember but I think dependents can get there own discount card. Ik spouse can but not sure.
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    Clocking out 10 min late a few times in 90 days..will they say something?

    I don’t think I’ve clocked out on time in the past year lol.
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    Receipt printer problems - maintenance?

    This is a store issue, not a company one. My store is bi polar opposite and tickets mostly everything if we can’t find a way to fix it ourselves.
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    anyone know why i can’t get on mytime?

    Well it let you logged in which means your in the system. Just look like they haven’t scheduled you any shifts like it says lol. Which is why you wouldn’t be able to clock in.
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    Sneak peak of new Mytime app function

    I think it’s because mytime self service never had them.
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    Sneak peak of new Mytime app function

    That’s an interesting one. I wonder how it will notify people in the store of call ins or late.
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    Would I have to switch banks to get a RedCard debit card?

    Most of them just let you sign in to the bank directly now.