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    Backstocking with myday

    I noticed that with the new app you can backstock not on file, will nof drop into price change? The only way I can tell that the item is nof is scanning thru mywork which will eventually disappear.
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    Vacation accural

    Did vacation accural change? I was suppose to max out at 180 yet my vacation hrs says 181 and I haven’t hit the next milestone to accrue more. My hr didn’t have an answer.
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    SFS-air pillow machine

    Our machine feels like it breaks down more than it should, does anybody know how to fix the issue where the pillows start melting and causing the machine to not properly work? If we end up needing to replace the machine it will be the third one we have had in about a year.
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    Market out of dates

    Since modernization has started how bad has your out of dates become? I have found a lot more than we use to have but today I found items on the floor that expired 2 years ago.
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    Store applications desktop app

    I haven’t been able to get on this desktop app to look at the back room detail report. Is it going away and if so is there another way to get into the report?
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    Opu/sts order lookup

    Myhelp was updated and I cannot figure out how to look up an item that is missing an opu label does anyone know how to look it up?