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    Interview for ETL question..HR said… (external)

    This thread will not be taken off track by petty squabbling. End of subject. That is what the ignore button is for. I'm not playing here.
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    Interview for ETL question..HR said… (external)

    I already warned him about this. You need to chill out too. You guys don't need to be buddies but stop prodding each other. Remember the ignore function is right there if you need it.
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    Guest say the darndest (dumbest) things

    Sometimes Buzzfeed compiles funny stuff. There is some good stuff in here. Or fucked up stuff depending on how you want to look at it. The lady who sent back her fridge because it wasn't precooled is just so WTF
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    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    When it happened to us, I called the other store to let them we had it just as a courtesy. Then worked with receiving to make sure it was shipped back under the right catagory so it wouldn't sit in for long before being shipped to them. I can't remember what the catagory for the message to my...
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    Service & Engagement Intercom

    Looks like the question is answered. It's time to lock this up.
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    Should HR Experts be leaders?

    Back in the days when Signing Ninjas were considered Specialists.
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    Screwed up and worried I may get fired for this

    Sure seems like AP could cancel that transaction in a hot minute.
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    Background checks.

    Very good point. I do these kinds of lookups all the time. You run into people with the same middle initial and once, even the same birthday. Make sure you doublecheck your information.
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    Background checks.

    That's where my mixed feelings come in. If we are talking about serial rape or pedophilia, then it's an entirely different matter. But both of those would have shown up on a sex offenders registry because they are long term.
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    Background checks.

    Mixed feelings on this. People do change. Having one mistake fuck up your life forever is a horrible way to live. If they did their time, they should be able to move on. Should the company know about the crime? Maybe, like I said I have mixed feelings. It is really hard for people with people...
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    Does Target pay unemployment?

    File for unemployment, if Spot put a reason that makes you ineligible challenge it. There will be a phone hearing on the subject. As long as you show up for it, odds are Spot won't show up to counter (it's just not worth it to them) and you will get your unemployment. Just be ready to explain...
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics/Tech thread

    I love vinyl hunting. Back before, /me waves hand at everything, this, I used to go out every Sunday and hunt for classic vinyl. I would also buy new stuff if it was good. Really miss that, along with live music.
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics/Tech thread

    Just a heads up for folks wondering WTF is with all the vinyl. Over 3 million vinyl albums were sold in a single week in the US, the first time this has happened in the Soundscan era. I'm pretty sure Spot really wants to get some of that action so they aren't going away any time soon.
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    Target Memes

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    Got that for you.
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    Vaccine Mandate update?

    We have a thread for this conversation. Please stick to it. 🔐 Locked.
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    The Breakroom Memes

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    9 hour shift ugh

    As much as a I hate answering a question with a depends answer... It depends on what state you are in. California has a 45 minute lunch, other states 30 minute.
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    Are corporate visits suppose to be scary?

    They are scary only in the sense that shit rolls downhill. When corporate gets pissed at what a mess your store is in, then the bosses are going to make your lives hell until it is fixed. It's never really your fault the store is up to snuff. That is just about always due to bad leadership but...
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    Conceal carrying?

    I understand that the suggestion of counseling seems rude and presumptuous but hear me out. Getting mugged is a traumatic event. It can fuck you up in a whole bunch of ways. It can make you paranoid, anxious, frustrated, and depressed - which in men, and I speak from experience here, tends to...