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    Cops shoot Pokémon thief There’s not much info on why the police fired on the thieves. But, 12 police...
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    Pricing and Presentation Transition: Freight Flow

    Currently, I'm guessing, all stores are overwhelmed with excess freight. We're starting to see the influx of all the product we didn't get last year along with all the stuff that was ordered for this year. At my store, our backroom valleys are filled to the gills and our steel space is jacked...
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    Drastic Counts after Audit

    Does anyone know what happens if a Drastic Count is neither Accepted or Rejected? Does it time out? Does it get deleted and added back into the audit for the following cycle? I'm asking because our closing expert does the audits, but our closing lead doesn't do anything with the drastic counts...
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    Old Fillgroup Acronyms

    Does anyone (looking at you legacy team members) recall what these acronyms stand for? HIPA: Home Improvement P? A? (the P might be Plastics and the A might be Air Filters). HBO: Health Beauty O? (we us HBA: Health Beauty Aids, but I know it's O and think it stands for Offerings).
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    Thought I'd reach out to the community and see what sort of goals are being put down for the coming year. I'm not sure what goals I'll put down. Last year, it was to spend more time in my department (which thanks to Covid and turnover, that ended up being a daily necessity). Probably going to...
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    Pricing and Presentation We Need Shelves

    Anyone else hurting on shelving? We finished the ODL reset and needed even more shelves than we did for the Christmas set. Then with all the salesplanners resetting, we were stealing wherever we could which was a feat cause of all the flex, dcode and clearance taking up any available shelf...
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    Logistics Greenfield Contact

    Has anyone here had any success contacting anyone who's built cards/datasets for Greenfield? I have some suggestions and have no clue where to go to send them.
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    Logistics FEDEX backup

    So we're experiencing a severe FEDEX backup at our store. We've been stockpiling since Wednesday (Thanksgiving Eve). Coming close to something like 40-50 pallets that need picked up. Constant communication and we've been told that FEDEX won't send a trailer for them. They came today with a box...
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    Not loved by all

    I'm struggling with the reality that there are team members that don't respect the position of leads. I don't wield my authority with abandon or feel overly powerful to any degree (in reality, I feel inferior to the team I have to lead at times). I had a confrontation with a TM recently after...
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    New phones

    We got new phones installed, Poly brand. They have some presets already but no store intercoms. Anyone know how to make an announcement with these things?
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    Backroom location labels

    Alright, they took the ability to create and print backroom location labels out of MyWork, but I can't find it in MyDay. Anyone have any ideas to create and print locations?
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    Pets Transition

    A few months ago, there was communication about the litter wall being too high (it set with 5 shelves) and that it should be reduced to 4 shelves (which is what it used to be years ago). I had never set it with 5 shelves (we didn't have the shelves to do it and we realized then it was too...
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    [Greenfield] Replenishment Summary isn't showing custom blocks

    The past couple days, I haven't been able to see the custom block breakdown of Replenishment Summary in Inbound Trailer Dashboard. My ETL logged in yesterday and looked at the details. The summary populated correctly for them. I haven't changed anything that I'm aware of. Wondering if anyone...
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    Logistics DC keeps sending us products for other stores

    I've received products for at least 2 different stores in my GM replenishment. Most of the time it's pet food, but I've seen it for chemicals and furniture too. If the item is something we carry, we typically just audit and add the quantity. If it's not, we treat it as salvage. Can't do a...
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    Employed? You're an "adult" now.

    If you have a job, you are now a contributing member of society and are responsible for maintaining that employment. If you can't be at work and you want to keep your job; pick up the phone and tell your place of business you will not be there. Don't wait. Don't think about it. Just...
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    Leader Recognition

    How often does your ETL/SD call out your contributions? Do you feel you're a valued member of the team? An Asset or a Liability? Do you only get approached when things are bad or you need to address something in your business? What does a healthy relationship in leadership look like?
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    BTS Writing Bin Pegs

    Okay, so after putting up the shippers, there's about 15" of vertical space for the 3 rows of pegs. Impossible. Wondering what solutions your pog team came up with. We ended up putting in slanted 14" shelves, fencing and dividers. Not great, but it fits.
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    Saw this on Greenfield

    "Inbound Dashboard is delayed due to upstream issues - Data was last refreshed overnight and we hope to be caught up by 10AM CST. Use the Receive and Traack apps in the meantime." So, the thing that's standing out here isn't that the data is behind… it's that there's an app called TRAACK...
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    Corporate Workday Training

    Over the past month, I've noticed a trend at our Store where there's a new Workday learning pushed out each week. It typically drops in on Thursday or Friday. I'm curious if this is also happening at other stores as well?
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    Pricing and Presentation Activating pricing.

    Anyone have a good process to activate pricing for multiple locations? This is a bane of mine. IDNK why when you activate one price it doesn't activate for all locations. That just seems unproductive.