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    Applying for OnDemand

    Is there a way to apply for OnDemand without having to go to the store? Online option? I live 30 min's away from my store and need to go OnDemand due to another job schedule issue that will be coming up.
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    MyTime Submitting Day Off Request

    Is there a way to see if your request off has been approved or denied from home instead of having to drive to the store?
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    Self Checkout Software Update

    So, I searched a bit and did not see anything on this yet, so, I'm just wondering how the other stores out there are dealing with the software update on the self checkouts? We all think it sucks to the max at my store. It is causing so much more confusion and not helping guests AT ALL!!!
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    Archived Current Acronyms

    What are the newest/current acronyms across the store? (such as SD = Store Director)