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    New Interview Process

    This, 100% From my experience interviewing for a merit role and then a lead role in the last year and a half, coming in prepared with a few stories ready that involve safety, problem solving, teamwork and leadership and then just being confident and quick enough on your feet to fit the...
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    New Hire/Orientation

    Can confirm: MBP is not inbound or even remotely close to inbound in any way whatsoever.
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    Work Standard, Non Conveyable

    I was told once that someone needed to steal my chariot because trainers aren't supposed to be driving pit while they're training. I.E. following them in a RC to take them to the battery change. If that's what he meant. Otherwise.... Yeah they would drive pit while in function so that doesn't...
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    Hiring Too Many Warehouse Workers

    That is the rumor.
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    2022….what new and interesting ways will target come up with this year to support DC teams?

    The RSS thing at T557 is pick to store. It's only in believe 3 stores at the moment but supposed to slowly increase this year.
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    Operation Mangers

    Your TOM doesn't train the new OMs and has no authority over them. They're on the exact same level.
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    Operation Mangers

    A degree or related experience
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    New vacation policy?

    I mean.... I don't even need a source anymore it's in the handbook now. It's 112 hours max up to 5 years, which doesn't affect us anyway because we already work here so we're grandfathered in to the "legacy plan" until we hit 5 years. Then 160, 200, and 240. But if you do the math... The A keys...
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    New vacation policy?

    Are you under 5 years? I feel like you're probably past that so it would be a different number for you. Max you can earn in a year will be 112 but the total you could have before you stop accruing will be around 160. Currently it's complicated with the hours from banked holidays but that won't...
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    New vacation policy?

    PH and well being time are going away. The new 112 Max annual hours of vacation is indeed 72vac+36ph+4wb. That standard is the official number for everyone now. Technically the B keys should get 80+30+4 for 114 hours so they're losing 2. The "100ish" comes from the new vacation per hour accrual...
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    Merit Bonus

    This is correct. I've been at target for almost 4 years so long enough to be capped out. In ICQA I currently make almost $3/hour less than if I had stayed on the floor and more than $4/hour less than if I stayed and then become a lead instead of taking a merit position.
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    Merit Bonus

    The file on the SharePoint says it'll be prorated based on your time spent and you'll get it as long as you're still an active TM. I was also told on Monday that I may not get it if I leave and I literally spent the entire year in ICQA.
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    New vacation policy?

    Yes we specifically asked and our OM got clarification from HR yesterday that it's a milestone and not your next yearly anniversary.
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    New vacation policy?

    Basically what I've learned this weekend is all us current TMs are going to continue to accrue at our current rates (minus the 4 hours of well being) until we hit one of the 5/10/25 milestones. The difference is the pH hours will now be vacation. So no more using pH to get OT money. The...
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    New vacation policy?

    What does the legacy part mean?
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    Team lead steps

    Well I'm in a merit position so with all the progression people getting $3 raises this year the regular scale has passed me by let alone the team lead scale. I was a trainer in warehousing and I've been observing the warehousing team leads so I'm plenty comfortable with what they do. But one of...
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    Team lead steps

    Anyone know what the progression steps are for team leads? Obviously the pay scale starts at a different spot at every building but what does step 1 start at compared to regular warehouse workers?
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    1) Safety 2) Quality 3) Productivity

    LOL at the ICQA getting paid more comment. All the warehouse workers got big raises and we didn't. Being in ICQA has cost me a significant amount of money over what I'd be making if I had stayed in production.
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    Lvl 2 Pay

    I'm in ICQA and can confirm: the last 3 people we hired on our key had less than 2 years experience in the building.