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    Archived Rotating availability?

    So last year I retired my bullseye nametag and got out of retail entirely. I also moved as well. However I am interested in returning to Target on an extreme part time basis in order to make some extra money. Basically my current work schedule is a fixed rotation, as I work 12 hour days. So...
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    Archived Mobile Payments: The Sequel!

    So it looks like we are trying mobile payments again, instead of just accepting Apple/Android Pay. Kind of disappointing. Target will launch its own mobile payments system this year On the bright side, instead of making it ANOTHER app somebody has to download, we are slipstreaming it into...
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    Archived EHR at home not working again?

    Is it me or is the EHR access at home not working again? I used to be able to log in, but for the last month I keep getting the message that I am locked out. I can get in just fine at work. I don't even know how to go about getting the issue fixed.
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    Archived Target Mobile question.

    I am curious, I wonder if I am able to pay off my AT&T Next phone at the Mobile Kiosk or if I have to do it through AT&T? Cause if I can, that's be sweet and I could use my discount and save about $60! Any thoughts?
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    Archived CoD: Advanced Warfare Day Zero a day early?

    So next week the new CoD comes out. We just got our day zero editions via UPS, but now I am reading that "select" retailers are going to be selling the pre-sells a day early. Has anyone heard anything if Target is a select retailer? I scoured Redwire and workbench and found no communication on...
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    Archived Not allowed more than 14 hrs a day?

    So this time of year I tend to work any and all hours I can grab. So today I grabbed a shift off the sheet that effectively has me working a double shift. I then get a call from HR telling me that I need to watch my time when working that day that I don't work anything over that because I am not...
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    Archived Electronics iPad

    Hi, So our SFT, after setting up the Apple iPad Air displaycase, he gave us the old 4th gen with instructions that Electronics TM's are to use it for assisting guests. So I had him load up the Target app, which will be nice for when my phone is dead and I can't look stuff up on the site...
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    Archived Optical and Target TM's

    Hey, so I need new glasses, so I am going to go to Target Optical so I can use my discounts. However, I have been informed from another TM who got glasses there that any deals that they have where money comes off the lenses, we are not able to take advantage because we are TM's? Doesn't make...
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    Archived Department Adjacency Map?

    I was wondering, is the adjacency floor map for a particular department (in this case electronics) availible to print off of workbench? Or is this something that I have to wait for from our Plano TL? I know in the past I have received them from our Electronics TL, who in turn gets them from...
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    Archived Working Target AND Mobile?

    I am looking to pump in some more income. What I was wondering is if it is ok now to work at both Mobile and Target at the same time now that Market source has taken over? I know in the past it was a taboo, and that there was even a 6 month waiting period if a person quit either one to join...
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    Archived TV Display goes where?

    So this week I've been going over the new Planogram for the May TV Transition, checking what TV's were already up and what TV's needed to go up yet. So I get to the Vizio 42 Inch Smart TV, which was planogramed to be displayed up on the wall from the old revision, and noticed that it is nowhere...
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    Archived Game Case rewinds

    So now that this new SAP system is in place, we are having a heck of a time ordering new videogame rewinds. Does anyone know how to find then through SAP? Thanks
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    Archived Goodbye ZIP!

    w00t! I just found the new cards for the TV Delivery service, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they did not say ZIP on them. I see Target finally had the sense to ditch them and go with our warranty company to handle the TV delivery service. Guests now call the myTGT Tech number to...
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    Archived And it starts all over again! (Skylanders Giants)

    Oh boy here we go again! The Skylanders craze has been renewed with the Giants. I hope all your guys launches were better than mine. Our vendor didn't show up when she was supposed to (10/14 to 10/19 like Messageboard said) to set the display and product, so the only product we had on the...
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    Archived Black Ops II Midnight Release! Are you ready?

    Last Thursday I saw on Workbench that Target is going to do a midnight release for Black Ops II. So I looked on the list of stores, and sure enough my store is on the list. "facepalm" I guess Spot decided that they had a good run with the Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 so now they are gonna try again with...
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    Archived Electronics Transition Fall 2012

    So a couple weeks ago, I took a look at the transition communication for Electronics and must say I am not too happy with it. Instead of taking the space that Kindle's used to occupy and re-expanding the GPS section, Karoke is coming back in that space! REALLY? Although I must say...
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    Archived Mothers Day Camera Bundles

    So back on the 7th it came across on message board that if we run out of the camera bundles, we are supposed to run special substitutions, and also it came across again yesterday! What exactly is it asking per se? I mean I get we are supposed to use the 3 items it gives us, but the register...
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    Archived Electronics Transition 2012

    Yep, it's that time of year again. I am looking at the Transition Guide right now, and while some parts make me chuckle, others have me scratching and banging my head. Then there are some parts that make me go HUH? What I find funny is that the whole netbook/laptop section is going back...
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    Archived Fine, I'll just go to (insert other store here)

    lol so how about those guests that come in just to say that they are going to some other store (in my case usually Walmart). Had an old lady come in today looking for DVD's and swore up and down that Happy Feet Two was out, and that Walmart had it and we should too. She complained that we...
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    Archived New Electronics Merchandise?

    So this week now just about every camera we have is now either clearanced out or is on d-code. The problem is we haven't received any NEW product yet, and we are running out of cameras to sell! I have no Nikon's at all, I have very few Canon's, and very few Sony's. All I have left really are...