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  1. Angular Momentum

    PML interview advice

    My husband has a meet and greet for a PML position at a nearby target. I have no idea what advice to give him as I have always worked in the guest facing side of target. Any advice on how to hit the right trigger works? Thanks
  2. Angular Momentum

    Go backs, reshop, stays and remodel

    Our remodel started. Currently began at guest services. Go back bis are gone. My question is how does your store deal with reshop and strays and if you went through remodel what did that look like around reshopping?
  3. Angular Momentum

    Anyone have issues with the register computers today?

    All the registers decided to do weird things at once tonight. Many wouldn't print a receipt and got stuck on the "thank you" screen. When I say many i mean like 5, at once! And it happened multiple times during the day. 3 or 4 more refused to sign in... it would just re prompt you over and...
  4. Angular Momentum

    New software POS closing

    So, like a bunch of stores, we got a software update. It has it's issues but we were told you can still sell after closing the register. Has anyone tried this? Does anyone close all registers at the end of the night then sell things at the end.