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    On demand bonus?

    I saw an email from Target saying ODTMs could be getting a small raise — presumably since we’re excluded from the regular TM performance reviews. It’s a small raise — about 30 cents for those making $15 now, I believe, but it makes sense since regular TMs would get some type of bump, anyway...
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    Which Covid leave do I need?

    My HR initiated Emergency Leave 1 for my ongoing COVID-19 case, however, upon reading terms on the Pay & Benefits website, Emergency Leave 1 is for close contact and Emergency Leave 2 is for someone who personally tests positive. Should I set up an Emergency Leave 2 for myself, instead, or just...
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    Back to school … maybe

    I’ve been doing some research on which masters/graudate programs will be at least partially covered, but if I am unsure it’s worth it for me. If I were to pursue a business-related path, I’d want to end up in Public Relations, I think. I finished a BS in Journalism last year and I am just...
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    Fulfillment TL experiences

    Out of those that have recently gotten a Fulfillment TL, I’m curious if people are happy with it or if it’s getting in the way. Mine just started this week and things are already becoming more organized — of course, there’s still an INF issue but that’s just because of hours, call-outs, etc...
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    OPU bags

    Anyone else get some bad batches of OPU bags recently? Ours look darker and have a funny texture to them. Wasn’t just me who thought there was something off. Maybe they ran some bad batches off by accident?