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    smell ya later, spot

    It's definitely time blow that popsicle stand because it's becoming an even worse shit show. I didn't think that was possible.
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    I QUIT

    Good for you I hope you love it my man.
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    Good I wish you better luck then I have.
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    It’s been less than a month…

    That would an interesting idea but school supplies,detergent, makeup,clothes and food would cause so much cross contamination.
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    It’s been less than a month…

    Good where are you going?
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    I got fired

    Agreed the company drove me to the brink of insanity. I was crying and screaming every night I worked and sometimes even when I didn't work.
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    CA or Final CA question

    Find yourself a new job if they are doing this to you because they are just gonna keep on doing it. Seems like your leadership wants you out and this is the way their doing it.
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    Put My Two Weeks In Yesterday.....

    Congrats on leaving and getting better pay.
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    might quit if they keep this up

    What the fuck those cheap bastards. Go and look for another job fuck them.
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    I go out my way.. Be seeing you !

    Congrats fuck em.
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    Been a while but I’m out!

    Congrats on getting out!!!!
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    Closing Team Leader Interview Process

    I agree apply elsewhere. They don't wanna lose somebody so flexible so your etl giving you the bullshit runaround. I mean a person who trained in four places and is experienced in Tarshit know-how isn't good enough to be tl is complete bullshit.
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    Dress code change

    You have no idea how much I would have loved for them to have cranked up the ac when I worked at the Pizza Hell they have at Tarshit.
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    It's been a while, but I quit!!!

    Congrats what are doing now? How much better is stress,pay,emotionally and physically? Good for you not wanting to go back it's not worth it!!!!
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    Starbucks and Returns at Drive Up

    May god help these people who have to do this at the end of the year when everybody and their mother is out shopping. They couldn't have waited until q1 to roll this out. Or better yet not done this stupid idea at all.
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    Raising company minimum wage

    They definitely realize it's they definitely don't care.
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    Raising company minimum wage

    They really will do anything to get people in the door. The problem is they really should be working on how to keep people not getting them in the first place and they wouldn't have to do stunts like these.
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    I'm not totally out the door yet.

    Good for you screw them don't work at company that makes you sick.
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    MyTime Scheduled to work in different department

    Make sure they scheduling for style and not cafe. They shouldn't tell you one thing and do another. I hope it's the your in style and they no hours and not oh we can't get anybody hired for that job so we just lied to you so we could shove ya there. Happened to my co-worker and he quit. He was...
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    Do we get paid for snow day closures?

    It depends on the store. When we had a huge rain storm that flooded where i live they payed.