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  1. IWishIKnew

    Examples of Leadership stealing time

    My TLs pretty much always answer walkie calls on break/lunch, so I would assume either that the TL was on a break when they answered or they've certainly spent enough time working on their breaks to justify some extra time here and there. But that's my TLs and none of them are smokers, but the...
  2. IWishIKnew

    To that one Team Member - II

    They're burnt out and they need to find a new job. It has nothing to do with you, really. Assuming, of course the "lately" means such behavior is relatively new. If they've always been like this, they're just an asshole.
  3. IWishIKnew

    Target to offer huge discounts to make space

    Baskets. Wicker baskets, felt baskets, plastic baskets, wire baskets, rope baskets... All the fucking awkward-shaped, ugly-ass baskets that fit, like, one to a shelf location so they end up overstocked and broken and turning their aisle and the entire home flat into a horror show. We have, like...
  4. IWishIKnew

    Is this unethical?

    Yeah, if they're talking to you about you, then they're giving you a warning that you have attendance issues and if you want to avoid a CA you might want to do better about attendance. Not unethical at all, really. They're doing their job as far as keeping TMs in the store and working--giving...
  5. IWishIKnew

    How many TL in market do you guys have?

    80m+ SuperTarget, and we have at least 4 that I'm aware of that work late/closing shifts. There are probably more that work days exclusively that I'm not aware of, but we have 2 closing grocery TLs that rotate regularly, at least one deli/bakery TL that works until 8 or so and another TL who is...
  6. IWishIKnew

    Just a question

    In a word, yes (for schedule help and the retaliation piece), but I don't blame you for not doing that. Especially if you don't have a good read on your HR ETL or what sort of capital your TL has. As it turns out you had nothing to lose, but it's hard to know that in the moment, too.
  7. IWishIKnew

    should i consult a lawyer?>

    Unfortunately, having assholes for bosses isn't illegal, unless they're assholes in some very specific ways (discrimination, whistleblowers, stuff like that) and even then you'd need to have a lot more damages than just losing an hourly retail job for it to be worth pursuing through the legal...
  8. IWishIKnew

    MEGATHREAD The On-Demand Team Member (ODTM) Thread

    I filled out a paper form. Nobody has said anything about Workday to me.
  9. IWishIKnew

    "SCO" in regular checklanes?

    Huh. I should ask her if that store has the short checkouts 2 deep (like one store near me) or like my store (that she usually goes to, as it's close to her work) with the full-size checklanes. Store with the short checklanes has no SCO (it's an IGA store). I could see this working a little...
  10. IWishIKnew

    It’s been less than a month…

    Yeah, so stores are bad, but keep in mind pretty much anywhere else you want to get a part-time job like this is going to be similarly insane. Don't expect to get everything done. Do what you can, make sure you work with your leaders on priorities (eg. freight vs zone vs reshop) and go home at...
  11. IWishIKnew

    "SCO" in regular checklanes?

    I had lunch with a friend today, who said she went to a store and their SCOs were on regular checklanes, just with no cashier and the POS set to SCO. Is this a pilot or a new thing or just a weird store being weird? My friend is a reliable narrator and she wouldn't confess to being confused...
  12. IWishIKnew

    MEGATHREAD The On-Demand Team Member (ODTM) Thread

    One more shift until I'm (hopefully) officially On Demand. I need to fill out some paperwork, apparently, but I'm not on the schedule for next week. Woohoo!
  13. IWishIKnew

    To That One Guest - II

    TTOG who pitched a fit because he came to the store and found drive up unavailable WHILE THE STORE WAS UNDER A TORNADO WARNING: Fuck off.
  14. IWishIKnew

    Auto Approved Time off?

    And even if they approve your time off, you still might be scheduled, so keep an eye out. Check it frequently, remind your ETL, check after the schedule was posted. (My ETL is super lazy about writing the schedule and approving time off, and even if he does approve time off, half the time...
  15. IWishIKnew

    Spouses and scheduling

    Yeah, I would say you should have your employee ask their leader how to do all the things you suggest, as they are all quite possible. If their store is posting schedules 2 days before the week starts, then that's definitely against policy to the point that I wonder if your employee even works...
  16. IWishIKnew

    To that one Team Member - II

    Yeah, my thoughts about backup was always along the lines of "the backup problem will solve itself the longer you keep the sales floor on registers."
  17. IWishIKnew

    To that one Team Member - II

    Oh, yeah, here, too. And no, TMs, you're not fooling anyone when you put your phone on top of your zebra or hold one in each and try to pretend you're doing something on your device. FFS. And it is super annoying to have to dodge people sitting or standing around on their phones when I'm trying...
  18. IWishIKnew

    Service & Engagement Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    Double tappers should have no goal whatsoever and should absolutely come behind those that do say when they're on their way.