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    Team, its that time of the year. You can opt to receive your W2 electronically, you will get an alert when it’s ready. It is the fastest way to receive your W2. Login Page - -
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    Stopping trucks

    Is there a away to stop receiving trucks? Like for 3-4 days?
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    Turn over.

    Recently 65-80 % of new hires are not making it past 30 days. Obviously the stress that puts on a store is reflected in bright red, all over GF. please state store format. Are you fully staffed? How is your retention rate? Are you green in sfs/opu, brla,ofo and the fucking metrics for FOS?
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    Freight flow issues

    Has anyone noticed a trend in light trucks, canceling doubles, or canceling all together. All DC initiated? @allnew2
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    Job, jobs, jobs

    You get a job, he and she gets a job, everybody, inbound jobs , get em while they’re hot 🙄
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    Backroom profiling

    Hi team, Can anyone explain backroom profiling and how it relates to 1:1? Specifically, When pulling 1:1’s should myDay be asking you to pull eaches out of upper/lower case packs, or ,if profiled correctly, it should have you pull the whole casepack, even if ofo need is less than the casepack?
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    How to get paid on Christmas?

    Since payday this week is on Christmas day, do we get paid early? Or later?
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    This asian lady

    So, there is a frontend tm and she’s asian, right? She wears hella masks, like the shield and everything, to a point where even her asian accent is muffled. I use to think she’s being very cautious, and I think she is , but in terms of exhibiting her asian-ness/asianicity. I think she wears the...
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    Hi team, So I am thinking about writing a short animation series about working at spot, it will have a “family guy feel” including a character based on Brian the dog as an etl, named “Bully” as in bullseye. I have written the pilot , where I introduce the main characters. As you guys are my...
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    I have been banned

    @Thebestemployee1 , I had to make another post to reply to yours, because I think it’s important, if you are feeling sick , call out. Just know it may be counted against you.
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    Archived 401k & promotion to guest.

    What happens to 401k after leaving Target? Can it be transferred to new job? What about any loans, taken from 401k , do they become due at end of employment with Target?
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    Archived Honorable Mention!
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    Archived Which water is it 😰 Does anyone which water they are talking about? My family and I use the Market Pantry bottled water.
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    Archived Is your store making sales?

    My store hasn’t made sales in about 2 months. We are about $1.7 Million below our goal so far this year. Just wondering if other stores are making sales goals.
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    Archived TL->SrTL pay bump?

    How much (approximately) should be the pay bump when going from TL to SrTL?
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    Archived Hours where are..TL?

    Is it normal for a TL to go from 40 hrs to 12? I am asking for a friend.
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    Archived Leverage.

    Will having leverage help me get a raise. For example if I tell my store I have a job offer somewhere else, will they match the offer ? I do have a job offer elsewhere, the pay is $3 more than spot. However, I want to stay with Target.
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    Archived Asking for raise.

    Has any of you TLs ever asked for raise? Is it possible?
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    Archived Discontinued and clearance?

    Hi team, After merchandise has been discontinued, does it always go on clearance? If so, how long does the store has to put those items on clearance and on floor? Is there a time limit after which discontinued merchandise can not be put in clearance, if so what happens to those clearance items...
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    Archived Sbux+Market TL

    Calling all TLs who run SBUX+Target Cafe and Market together. Is there such a position? If so, how much time are you spending as a barista. Do you think you are successfully running both, or all three? What are some drawbacks? Thanks in advance.