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    Archived Target isn't giving me my pension

    Just a head up, I'm super frustrated and I will try and type this without saying swear words. I got a letter from Target saying I can't get my $330 from my pension cuz I haven't worked 1000 hours a year or some bullcrap like that. "A year of vesting service is a calendar year in which you...
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    Archived How to Withdraw Pension

    Hey, I searched before making this thread but none of them answered my question. I'm expecting Annie to come with her amazing words of Wisdom. How do I withdraw my pension. I have a balance of like, 323.00 and I want it, lol. I already withdrew my 401k Which was a massive amount of cash...
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    Archived Random 1 hour shifts

    What in the world can cause me and the other Cash Office girl to get random 1 hour cart attendant shifts? I have 3 shifts under Cart Attendant 10-11am... Like three separate one hour shifts... Not like a split shift.. but... 3 SINGLE one hour shifts I'm so lost lol. I asked someone from HR...
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    Archived It has to end sometime.

    Whatever soul I had when I started this job back when I was 18 back in 2007 is long gone. I'm 99% sure I got a job at a new company. I will post the name if I get the job. I'm sure most of you will know it, as it's pretty well known. 11/hr Part time and then after 4 months, full time is...
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    Archived Breavement

    My grandfather passed a few days ago and the funeral is Friday during my shift. Is there a way I can get it off or will i have to swap shifts. If i cant swap shifts i will most likely have to call out which i hate doing. What is the process for bereavement. do i get paid? I know since i am...
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    Archived Getting Vacation Hours - ANNIE!

    Hey question, why do I only have 0.01 of Vacation time? Does it go based off average hours? Even when I pick up hours it never goes up. I only get 17 hours a week. If so that sucks cuz I've been back for 2 years and only got 0.01 hours :(
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    Archived Electronic W-2s

    Anyone get theirs yet? Last year I got mine very early Jan. I was able to get everything done by Jan 10. Anyone know when they are gonna send them this year?
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    Archived Hell <Black> Friday Questions about Cash Office.

    I have what I hope is a simple question. I tried searching for it but nothing similar came up. I was "lucky" and got scheduled Cash Office from 8PM THURSDAY to 4:45AM FRIDAY Does that mean from 8-12 I will be getting time and half and then from 12 - 445 I'll be getting overnight pay...
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    Archived Just a rant. Am I crazy?

    [Angry moment is over] ---- Before you say anything StupidRules, be kind, I'm fragile lol
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    Archived Target Credit Union Questions

    SO GLAD TO BE BACK! I've missed this place <33333 Soo.... For some reason, I cannot load the website, and I had a few questions. Is it really that good? Do you have to be a TM to keep it? Like, if I sign up, and then 7 months down the road I leave Target, do I have to leave the...
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    Archived So I just might have a nervous breakdown

    I just now heard my Black Friday Schedule. Turns out I'll be in at 7am in Cash office... ALONE. When Black Friday rolls around, I will have only been trained in cash office for 5 days. There is NO way that anything will be right. I know I have been told I can do it but seriously 5 days...
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    Archived Flash Mob at Target

    There was a store in my immediate area that busted out a Flash Mob during Raindeer Run. I totally wish I could show you guys the video, lol. There were a few team members that got the memo late, lol. They were griping saying "you are all way too full of energy for 8am" I happened to be there...
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    Archived Need Advice Updating Resume

    So I am in the process of being trained for cash office and I would like to update this on my resume. I'm still fairly new to resumes and Target has been my only job so forgive my ignorance. How would I go about adding it? Meaning, What's a title that other employers can understand and...
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    Archived Cleaning house of Team Leads

    Note: If this is a situation that MAY expose my store location, please delete this post. So. I was told today that they are getting rid of all the TL's that don't have degrees. As far as I know, they already gave two of my GSTLS (both have been with Target for over 20 years), and a sales...
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    Archived Defected vs Non Defected

    Okie, I have a question. I understand each store if different but I wanted other store opinions. Lately, they have been having us defect out things that aren't even open. I.E. A guest happens to buy the wrong kind of vitamins, she notices before she leaves the store and returns them. When...
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    Archived Rant about my "amazing" STL

    Me: LOD come in please, LOD *minutes pass cuz I am with a guest* Me: LOD come in please. *time passes* *LOD *name* come in please* A few minutes later I happened to walk by TPS and she said "you're looking for ____ right?" Turns out he was sitting outside with his feet propped up on an over...
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    Archived Injury lawsuit

    April 2009. A lady (can't give name for obvious reasons) fell cuz of a leaky/faulty/whatever coke machine and I was there. I happened to see it and I asked her if she was okay (I never touched her cuz I know better) and she said she hurt her ankle. I get my GSTL and never see the lady again...
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    Archived Money Orders Help

    So, my GSA trainer has been, not training me. I ask and she blows me off. I've had random people pretty much training me. Anyways, to the point of this post. I'm not sure how much of each coin roll I get. I know we get $100 worth of 10's which is 10 rolls I know we get $10 worth of Nickles...
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    Archived May be the stupidest question ever

    What does Pipo stand for? I see it as an item description on the registers. Example: Pipo Upup toilet paper or something like that. I know pipo can stand for paper in paper out or parallel in/out, but what significance does it have in an item description on a register..? O.o
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    Archived I got the GSA position

    Right after my second interview my ETL-GE shook my hand and told me I was the new GSA. I almost cried, lol. YAY!!!!!!!!!!