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  1. Leonhart621

    Resetting custom blocks

    Which is why I can easily adjust my custom blocks. I’ve moved Stationary on PP1. I can easily add a flat for the repacks on PP2 side because I have an extra bay I can use (we have 5 bays). Same for the 4th quarter. I have 3 flats for Toys, normally at the end of the line. For the 4th quarter...
  2. Leonhart621

    Resetting custom blocks

    A new SD. She’s pretty new to the store. They’re following this guideline about Inbound/backroom refresh. This guideline is probably when modernization rolled out. 1 Thrower, 5 PP1/2 TMs, and 2 A&A sorters for we even use the term A&A?) everyday? Ha! Me the TL throwing, 3-4 PP1/2 , and one...
  3. Leonhart621

    Resetting custom blocks

    Currently the GM1 Lead for 3+ years. Never had any problems with my custom blocks when I took over. They’re actually in order and could easily adjust every quarter without any problems. Now our inbound/backroom refresh is in a few days and they want me to change my numbers staring at 1 (ours...
  4. Leonhart621

    Team lead bonus

    Of course our bonus is taxed
  5. Leonhart621

    is it worth it?

    Avoid Inbound TL. You’ll lose your mind.
  6. Leonhart621

    Perfect sort (inbound)

    1hr unload?! I got a thrower, 3 P1, 2 A&A, and myself covering P2. It takes at least 2-3hrs because A&A is ridiculous and I have to keep two TMs sorting while unloading
  7. Leonhart621

    Inbound Operations TL Daily Routines

    How many Inbound TMs do you have and how big are your trailers?
  8. Leonhart621

    Logistics What's everyone's opinion on the (possible) elimination of the Reverse Logistics Expert position?

    Our receiver is the best! Our store is definitely going to be f’ed if Receiving goes away.
  9. Leonhart621

    Archived We don't sort repacks now?!

    and how many Inbound Experts do you have in your line?
  10. Leonhart621

    Archived Target promotions

    Senior TL?
  11. Leonhart621

    Archived Is it unprofessional to talk about mental health on the Sales floor?

    I always tell my coworkers that I don’t feel pain because I’m already dead inside. If someone says “Wow that’s dark” I just say “Just like the hole that’s inside of me.”
  12. Leonhart621

    Archived There needs to be a company wide strike

    There’s a lot in my store who are 12+ years. I’ll be 13 this year. 3 TMs in my store are 21+ years.
  13. Leonhart621

    Logistics The Flow/Inbound thread: Until We Yeet Again edition 🤙

    What time do guys start the truck? 4am?
  14. Leonhart621

    Archived Easy Come, Easy (?) Go.

    No receiver? Fuck that.
  15. Leonhart621

    DBO thread

    How exactly you guys schedule your DBOs and secondary? I prefer my DBOs get their hours (as in the most hardworking members) so having them on truck days (which is 5 trucks per week) is important. I own Inbound, PIPO, Stationary, Home Appliances, Plastic/Hardwares, and Babies. Inbound pretty...
  16. Leonhart621

    What in your opinion is the worst thing Target has ever sold?

    Vibrators I thought this is a family store
  17. Leonhart621

    Archived Sell, Sell, Sell

    So how much are you guys getting paid now?
  18. Leonhart621

    Archived No vehicles

    I’m going to start telling them to use the SFS tubs.
  19. Leonhart621

    Archived No vehicles

  20. Leonhart621

    Logistics The Flow/Inbound thread: Until We Yeet Again edition 🤙

    My ETL asks me what’s the plan. What plan? I can’t add hours, I don’t have anyone on the floor, my team can’t stay, one of my TM is training a new TM, you can barely move in the backroom. I’m losing my fucking mind