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    Drug Test for injury

    Not being able to use PIT until the test results come back. Wouldn’t really affect someone in OB much, but in other departments it’s more limiting and could put you in a function that’s boring.
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    Job change

    It’s on workday. Just click on “all apps” on the Home Screen and then there should be an icon for “dc job change preference”. Then just rank the dept/keys you would like to move to. Do not rank anything you would not want! After hire you can’t move for 6 months. After a job change you can’t...
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    Drug Test for injury

    Was it just on a loose board on the floor or was it one of those containers that has hundreds of half-driven then bent over nails sticking out of the floor? Those trailers always freaked me out.
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    Drug Test for injury

    Did you get any kind of actual medical attention? Get put on light duty/workers comp? I think those still matter when there’s an injury, but I don’t know anymore. When I had to go to the ER a long time ago, I had to get tested. That was for something more minor than yours, just couldn’t handle...
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    OM Interview follow up

    I would imagine a denial would either be an email or they’d just ghost you. Good luck!
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    Asking for help on distro competed.

    Why do you need to cancel it? “Complete” means it’s been packed already, unless there’s another meaning I don’t know about. edit: I was thinking carton complete not distro complete. IIRC, we let them purge too. My building has A/R so haven’t had to deal with legacy packing much the last couple...
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    Logistics Good and Gather water PIPO

    90% of the time, that’s because of a leaking jug, but… Depending on temp, humidity, and how a pallet is wrapped sometimes condensation will build up on the bottles enough to form a small pool and make all of the boxes feel damp/weak. Happens more with pallets that are both shrink wrapped and...
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    New @ A2 @ DC

    I’m in the same hellscape. A really long time ago we had some people come from Cali to help us out when we fell behind, that’s the only reason I know. Seemed like they were always on break since they still had to follow their home state’s rules.
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    New @ A2 @ DC

    There are a few DCs that get an unpaid lunch. Cali DCs I’m 99% sure get one, possibly others on the west coast or NY based on state law. So in those cases, their check is 34.5hrs, but most DCs just have 2 paid breaks. Otherwise the 2 of them covered everything pretty well.
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    New non con process

    You mean 557? Or is 580 doing something different from RSS?
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    EDP question...modern PO's

    Yup. That’s why I assume modern POs have the 1000 source, that way only HQ can add an item to them. They don’t really teach TMs much nowadays, and problem solvers are faster to respond to calls than problem area was (just due to workload), so the problem is resolving itself over time.
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    EDP question...modern PO's

    Yes, to both. TMs can add any item to any PO so long as the department matches, even if they’re from different vendors. So if an item pops up “not on appt”, and they don’t have the PO number readily available, they’ll just add it to a random PO that’s on the trailer that happens to be the same...
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    EDP question...modern PO's

    I believe the only difference from a DC standpoint is that receivers can’t add an item to a modern PO. Too many people were adding stuff to random POs from different vendors (only the dept had to match) so HQ added a fail-safe so that couldn’t happen. There is probably more to it...
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    Same here, assuming we’re not at the same DC.
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    If WWs get another raise, I’m tapping out and going back to the floor…
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    New Sortation Centers

    Took me like 2 minutes, if spot wants to find him, they will.
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    Target posts a stunning drop in profit. Stock plunges

    That’s half true. If someone was invested in Target before they stopped offering it signed up for automatic rebalancing or “financial planners” (I think that’s what it’s called), then Target stock was dumped from your 401k. But people who were invested before they stopped offering it and didn't...
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    DC schedule question

    RWTM (rework tm) isn’t a merit role, it’s just a task that some people do. Don’t even know that OB-RWTM is a thing in any building other than 3801, it’s not in my building. Extra boxes go to IM, extra labels go to ICQA.
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    Least valuable position in the DC?

    Bet the SDD calls everyone “fam” too…
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    mandatory overtime

    Click on “view schedule” and it’ll have the hours you’re supposed to work, you can cycle through upcoming weeks.