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    I'm Lost! The Call In/Sick/Late/NCNS/Attendance Thread

    I get that it's retail and its a business to make money but you guys are still humans. They don't give a sh1t about you or your family. That's horrible, if other industries care about their people, why can't retail? Instead of team members "striking" I hope it's the guests that do to show that...
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    Archived Calling for Authorization on a return.

    If you want to get technical about the apology coupons..... They are only to be issued for a "technology" related incident for example your register crashes and you have to move to another lane and rering everything. This is really the only time one should be given. For all other issues that...
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    Archived has anyone else seen the new vibe stuff?

    That's what got me into this whole baby mess! lmao
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    Archived Registers and Software

    Stat, I worked in an 06 that had NCRs and have been to a GM 07 that has them as well. The last store I worked in was a gm that opened in 04 and had the tiny IBMs until a year ago when they were upgraded to NCR. Now these NCRs aren't the same as the 06 and 07 stores, the actual pos part is the...
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    Target Memes

    Thanks HM! :)
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    Target Memes

    Wow, that must be really old, I've seen stores with the blue and green side but never EMPL plastered on the front of the building like that. Looks odd :-/
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    Archived Resignation Help

    I actually just emailed my hr tm, from my personal email account, and she did the rest. Marked me rehireable and told me my vacation hours would be mailed to me, a whole 3 hours...wooooooo I like how I never start a new thread to tell you guys something lol yesterday was my last official day at...
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    Archived Number of Front Checklanes

    I've worked in a Super that had 50 and then went to an ULV that has 23 :-/
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    Archived Ever met someone on here in person or know who they are?

    I knew of someone that worked in my previous district. They'd never been to my store and vice versa but it's still funny that we were that close.
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    Archived what is an ESP or AAR?

    AAR - All American Rejects! An American rock band with four hit albums that consist of titles such as "The Last Song", "Swing,Swing", "My Paper Heart", "Move Along", It Ends Tonight", "Gives You Hell", and "The Beekeepers Daughter"! Lol Basically a band that knew their **** in the beginning but...
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    Archived Going Dry

    So my lab is still going but is scheduled to go dry next week....We ran out of both 4x6 papers 4 days ago!! Our stl brought two rolls of basic from our sister store but that's already gone. People are getting pissed and there's not really anything we can do about it. Way to go corporate, just...
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    Archived Speculation: Something's changing at the Service Desk

    Hey ya,, I stumbled upon a document on workbench today that said it is on a store by store basis as to what will fill the void the old guest service left. It said there may be a "beach shop" that consists of all things beachy, a "pro shop" that is just an extension of fan central, a "kiosk hub"...
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    Archived "Dammit, Jim! I'm a foodie, not a barista!"

    Congrats red, glad you made through the first couple days!! Omfg my store doesn't even have a sbux but I absolutely hate it when people say frappe'. It's not freakin mcdees or Bk. gahhhhh I hate it lol it's a fu(king frappucino!!
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    Archived AP giftcard for catching internal theft.

    Any of you ap guys/gals know? It's actually for me, I'm down to working weekends now... Loving my other job btw, I turned someone in right before I went down to weekends and heard through a fellow GSA that the person I ratted out got canned. Just curious bc I haven't been there for a while to...
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    Archived AP giftcard for catching internal theft.

    Has anyone heard of a team member recieving a target gift card for turning someone in for internal theft? I remember seeing something about it a while back but can't remember the details, ie what the crime has to be, is there a certain amount of theft that has to happen, and how much is the...
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    Archived New Market Pantry design

    If nobody beats me to it, I'll take a pic of the bread when I get off
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    Archived New Market Pantry design

    We got some bread in with the new design
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    Archived Card Reader Pens

    **** being practical and nice I'm done with that, you get the same **** with different people everyday so it's a constant battle that we'll never win. Until everyone is required to work at least a year in retail and a year in the fast food industry before they can get another "better" job the...
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    Archived Card Reader Pens

    The tips of ours aren't what stops working, it's where it's connected to the card reader that always kills it. People jerk on the pens so hard sometimes it pulls the whole damn thing off the counter leaving one or two of the little prongs inside the reader and the other two still hooked to the...
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    Archived Apple's Store-Within-A-Store coming to Target?

    Very true, looks odd there, nice but odd in Walmart.