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    New P1 TL needing advice

    My favorite bad example is from a while back - 18 minutes to push a flat bed of repack boxes filled with shoes. The flat was loaded so high, I could hardly reach the top boxes. It took me a lot longer than 18 minutes! I'm the DBO for OTC and personal care at my store. My leaders have actually...
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    hidden pros of target?

    And rubber bands. If you set ad or work early on Sundays, you're already there to buy what's just gone on sale. ASANTS, but some ability to cross-train and move around different job centers.
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    To That One Guest - II

    TTOG: Really, you think it's cool to spray shaving cream on the shelf and the backer board? Grow up.
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    Covid text.

    Yep. Had a good stretch with no cases, and had several in the last two weeks. This is why I never stopped masking and why I sit by myself at a small table in the break room for lunch. Also keep my distance from any unmasked TMs and guests.
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    Depends a lot on the DBO, just like the floor presentation does. I've been given compliments on my BR organization, both by TMs at my own store and by some who visit. (We get a quite a few brand-new ETLs who come to my store for training.) Really bugs me when TMs back stock product in the wrong...
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    Freight Flow

    Heard a few weeks ago that the DC was pushing product out to stores that had back stock space for it. Whether or not we actually needed it. So I have a huge quantity of one kind of Listerine, a huge quantity of one kind of protein bar, etc. Hope it sells before expiration dates.
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    Tl has no boundaries. Want them to stop, don’t want them to get in trouble. Advice?

    Any update, @reeeeeeee1345 ? Your TL's behavior is in absolutely no way at all acceptable and I hope it's stopped completely. When someone has no boundaries, it's up to us to set them - which you did and which the TL still crosses. I appreciate that you don't want to cause trouble. But it's not...
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    Service & Engagement Shutting down Bullseye’s Playground

    Look, Target sells what people buy. There are so many things that Target sells that no one actually "needs." A lot of what's in the store falls into the "want" category, and that includes cheap little trinkets. If something doesn't earn its space on the shelf, it goes away with the next...
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    Do you "detrash" your own cardboard

    Of course, I detrash my own cardboard! Plastic wrap goes in the right bin, as does hard plastic. Non-recyclables go in the trash bin. When I fill up a repack box of its cohorts, I put a topper on it. I think most TMs at my store are pretty good about this, but we do have one or two who just...
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    Service & Engagement Shutting down Bullseye’s Playground

    This thread has been interesting to read. As for the "made in China" complaint - really? Maybe check the labels and undersides of product ALL over the store; much of it comes from China and other faraway places like India, Bangladesh, Thailand, etc. Some of the product in my area comes from...
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    TL Behaviors - Improvement of Leadership

    I like that my TL trusts me to know my area well, to know how to do my job, to ask questions if I need to, to be able to organize my work load, and to pretty much just leave me to it. They check in with me, which is always nice - usually, it's just to make sure I'm doing okay. But if it's a day...
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    Target Lawsuit

    This would be potential for a major issue in my state, where the Attorney General's office has a fairly active Consumer Protection Bureau. There are people who look for price discrepancies so they can collect the bounty for them - they're not AG employees or "spies" or whatever, just people who...
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    How are y’all’s stores?

    My store has been in these hard places in the past, but seems to be doing pretty well lately even though hours were cut like they always are post-fourth quarter. We have a pretty stable, pretty decent leadership team and I think that makes a huge difference. There's one TM who I think might be a...
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    It’s time!

    Depends how the contract is written. Some can "protect" the workers so much that it's nearly impossible to fire someone even when it's completely deserved. Or the contract can make it so the worker can stretch out a grievance process and work the system to their advantage, even if they're in the...
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    It’s time!

    Sigh. I'm so tired of people making assumptions about other people they don't actually know. My brother doesn't work at "killer speeds" - he's done all kinds of work and still has all his fingers and toes, hasn't electrocuted himself or fallen off a roof, etc. He's careful, probably at least in...
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    It’s time!

    Oh, I wouldn't say this doesn't happen now. In fact, I've witnessed it multiple times with certain TMs being treated very differently by the same TL, depending on their relationship. Like the same movies or sports or whatever and you're golden, whether or not you're a good worker. Don't play the...
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    To That One Guest - II

    You may very well be right. And that makes me think the person must have a very sad life indeed if this is what they *need* to do.
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    It’s time!

    I must be especially dense today, because I don't get how this applies to what we do at Target. Having an over-abundance of a commodity in an indication to switch to the manufacture of another product, not to keep churning out more of something no one needs more of. Likewise, shifting workers to...
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    It’s time!

    Where does this come from?
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    I did a Big No No and now Im Fired…

    They'll still have your email address. And, since so many people keep their same cell phone numbers even when moving out of state, presumably they'd have that too. Definitely not excusing your behavior, but if they haven't sought restitution yet, it's unlikely they'll do so. You could send them...