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    Archived AP giftcard for catching internal theft.

    Has anyone heard of a team member recieving a target gift card for turning someone in for internal theft? I remember seeing something about it a while back but can't remember the details, ie what the crime has to be, is there a certain amount of theft that has to happen, and how much is the...
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    Archived A little venting about to happen....

    I'm so sick and tired of getting coached for something by my f*ing GSTL and then she turns around and does the exact same thing and nothing is said to her. Fml this pisses me off like no other!!!! Also it gets me when I try to teach the cashiers to do something right that we've been doing wrong...
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    Archived GSA/GSTLs, how do you get your 40 hours?

    Just curious. I'm not always scheduled as GSA. Most of my GSA shifts are 730-4 or 2-1030 weekdays or 230-11 weekends But since there are 4 of us and they don't allocate enough hours for us all to get 40 we end up doing other things as well. Some days I'll come in for Cash office...
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    Archived Check-less debit pilot?

    There's a store in my district that is piloting check-less target debit card apps. As in the guest does not need a check in order to process the app. Is anyone doing this? How does it differ from the regular way?
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    Archived Quick time clock question.

    In stores that have the photo Id name badges are you able to swipe those through the time clock to clock in? That would be awesome because at the moment some of our number buttons don't work so you have to push super hard. It almost feels like you're going to rip it off the wall.
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    Archived Front End Metrics

    I know about cashier speed, conversion, restrooms and all that jazz. But when the additional assist button is pressed is that recorded for a score somewhere. When I first started I was told that if you had more than 1+1 you need to hit the button. When you hit the button it is kept track of...