1. N

    Recovering from apartment fire, does Target provide any resources?

    All in the title. My apartment caught fire tonight and the building is currently condemned. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with any sort of assistance Target may provide, thanks in advance
  2. NKG

    Are we ready for an emergency situation?

    With the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, is Target really prepared for an emergency? I have only heard " Run, Hide, Fight" a handful of times. I wouldn't even know what to do as a leader in the event of one. I'm supposed to save myself 1st and watch it play outside while the store fights...
  3. anathema

    Six flags event

    I’m not sure which areas will have this, but for those that do and have been to them, are guests allowed to tag along for the 8-10 private time?
  4. qmosqueen

    Free Easter Toy Egg-Stravaganza Event on April 13 2019

    if you are not aware of this event you are now !!! https://www.target.com/c/store-events/-/N-9x2nj?clkid=4c7d80f2Nb0774135d9e0c9d107b07101&lnm=81938&afid=Smart%20Spending%20Resources&ref=tgt_adv_xasd0002#?lnk=snav_rd_store_events
  5. C

    Lego event

    Do you think the Lego movie event will be successful?? I feel like that was the dumbest thing legos would ever come out with for a movie or what ever.
  6. starmaster1000

    Power Goes Out, So Do Your Profits

    This store lost power late last night; all cold product is getting QMOS'd. Market team is running around with flats. RIP team.
  7. GoodyNN

    Teacher Prep discount?

    A friend shared a FB post today that Target is going to be offering an additional discount to teachers next week. The web page to "verify your status" is giving me an error, and the original poster even said that the page would not be live until 7/15, the first day of the discount. Once I get...