1. can't touch this

    Archived STL/ETL stereotypes and archetypes

    After the unexpected popularity of my STL types post in the other thread, I thought it would be fun to make a thread where we can describe all the typical types and traits of the STLs and ETLs that we've seen. I think Target actually goes out of its way to search for and hire these people on...
  2. PMR

    Archived Target GIFS

    Unleash the GIFS!
  3. T

    Archived Leadership....LOL!

  4. HRZone

    The Breakroom Memes

    I was sitting here today thinking about how much I appreciate this site. I appreciate work so much more knowing you guys have to walk through those same doors I do 2-6 times a week. We all take on our personalities posting here, I hope this thread goes smooth and mods don't have to get involved...
  5. I

    Target Memes

    Post your homemade target memes in here. I will get this thread started!