1. qmosqueen

    Roseanne Barr Memes

    this is meant to be fun, don't be offended and don't cancel my login.
  2. can't touch this

    STL/ETL stereotypes and archetypes

    After the unexpected popularity of my STL types post in the other thread, I thought it would be fun to make a thread where we can describe all the typical types and traits of the STLs and ETLs that we've seen. I think Target actually goes out of its way to search for and hire these people on...
  3. can't touch this

    Meme alert: Facial recognition and fingerprint readers

    sup folks, thought I'd start a discussion about this new meme that has found its way into many mobile computing devices and platforms. Many smartphone manufacturers like Apple are memeing us with fingerprint readers (TouchID) and facial recognition (FaceID) and it's also a thing on many Android...
  4. ElectronicsBA

    Target GIFS

    Unleash the GIFS!
  5. T


  6. qmosqueen

    United Airlines Meme

    ok yes this had to have its own thread !! add your memes United Airlines NEW club ... and finally United's new training video
  7. qmosqueen

    Valentines Memes

    ok being the meme queen how many can i post today... ok post your VD memes now
  8. qmosqueen

    Christmas Memes

    It's Christmas Week ... ok i'll start here are just a few ...
  9. HRZone

    The Breakroom Memes

    I was sitting here today thinking about how much I appreciate this site. I appreciate work so much more knowing you guys have to walk through those same doors I do 2-6 times a week. We all take on our personalities posting here, I hope this thread goes smooth and mods don't have to get involved...
  10. oath2order

    Specialty oath2order's gallery thread

    I take pictures of stuff I see at work and I want a gallery thread. Congratulations IT'S NOTHING Backroom tryin to kill me Date printed... Obligatory cute dog
  11. DMNDZ bruhh


    i was thinking there should be a thread where we post memes about stuff that isnt target related, since obviously alot of you guys like memes, ile start off with a couple that i thought were hilarious
  12. invictustaylor

    Target Memes

    Post your homemade target memes in here. I will get this thread started!