1. oath2order

    Sales Floor Zone Porn Photo Dump Thread

    Reddit likes their zone porn threads, so I figured we should do a masterthread here of zone porn. Post here!
  2. allnew2

    On my way to work

  3. oath2order

    Specialty Target Canada PICS

    I have some pictures a friend of mine took in Target Canada 3 days before the store closes. I guess they didn't get the stationary reset Buy greeting cards for the rest of your life. Love the handwritten sign I mean, might as well have fun. "Team members not included" I did not...
  4. T

    Canadian stores

    The first few images have begun to appear online of the yet to open Canadian stores. Interestingly enough, it seems self checkouts have reappeared to the North... And this one... Figured these were worth sharing since Canadian store images didn't seem to exist prior to these...