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    Can upper mangement take you out of a deptment with out your say so

    You are employed at-will. At your will and at their will. As long as they don't discriminate against you as a part of a protected group, they can really do whatever they want.
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    New POS has GOT to go!

    Since the major breach and the push to the PCI-DSS most POS systems that try to get to fancy end up getting bogged down in implementation for precisely the reason you mention, they're not being maintained. They look nice, that's about it. Sadly, the IBM/Toshiba front end software, as awful as...
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    Reflecting on leadership in the past..

    Stores (circa late 90s, early 2000s) used to have teams broken into levels. Level 1 - Team Member/Cashier. About what you would expect, normal stuff depending on the team Level 2 - Specialist (1-2 dollars over level 1). Owned a specialty area and managed it. Set all of the salesplanners, did...
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    Reflecting on leadership in the past..

    Target already has way more leaders than most retail establishments. Most have two salaried managers and a smattering of dept managers. Most big box retail stores generally have: 1 - Store Manager (Salary) 1 - Asst. Store Manager (Salary) ~5 - Dept Supervisors (Hourly) ~5 - Specialty (ops...
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    Would I be even qualified to apply for a Specialty Sales TL Position?

    A degree is just a piece of paper. A very expensive piece of paper. You don't need to work in your degree field, just find a way to apply it in the field you want to work in. For example: Most of my college coursework was in business and I work as a front end developer/technical writing...
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    Would I be even qualified to apply for a Specialty Sales TL Position?

    I feel like I comment this on a post at least once a week. Why are you pursuing entry level jobs with your four year degree? There's nothing wrong with working as a TM, it's a good way to earn income and experience while you look for roles. That being said; You paid for the education, have...
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    Vacation Time before putting in notice

    This is the most bullshit answer in the history of bullshit. And bullshit has a long history. This is a cop-out. HR doesn't give a shit because it doesn't impact them. Don't accept this answer, push back against it. "No amount of time with this behavior is acceptable. I would like to have...
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    is it worth it?

    In a situation like this, no. They have no real intention to promote you, they just want to meet some imaginary quota of "on-the-bench" or "being-developed" people. At best it's a well intentioned attempt to develop people that will likely never pan out. At worst it's an avenue to just giver...
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    Would computer science qualify for the tuition reimbursement? The

    Target uses computers. Lots of them. I would imagine you wouldn't have issues but the tuition reimbursement policy should outline specifically what is a qualified major, or speak to who in your chain of command makes the decision as to what is/is not qualified, likely your HRBP.
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    New POS has GOT to go!

    What type of development ability do you have? Many, many years ago, when we still had LRTs and PDAs, I built some functional demos and storyboards for the team on applications we could build to make our LRTs/PDAs more functional. Target does offer an API which you could use to build a mockup...
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    Am i getting fired??

    Hey bowiebear21! Come on over to the store we have a check for you! oh by the way you're being fired.
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    Difficult "newbe"

    Are you a lead or a TM assigned to train them? How you handle the situation will vary greatly on you position in it.
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    Working at Target with an MBA

    Why? This statement says "I place no value on my 6-8 years of education." Education isn't always a replacement for experience but it does have value. There's no reason why you should be starting at the bottom with an MBA. That's an idiotic mindset to have. A goal of "Starting at the...
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    Regarding Undocumented Coachings

    If they deny a transfer based on a previous incident, that isn't retaliation. It's a perfectly justifiable reason to deny a transfer. Based on your previous post, it seems like they recognize that you're new and we're misled by the TL in question, and cut you a break by not being as severe as...
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    Hiring Why can’t my dad get a job?

    A lay-off comes with the implication of return when space is available. You father wasn't laid off, he was separated. After 27 years at Target, I promise you he knows the difference and he knows that he wasn't laid off. He signed termination papers. He most likely isn't going to get rehired...