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    BTS results?

    … and another one pulled back to the top. bwahaah HRBP slid into the store a day or so ago. now the DTL and HRBP pop in to go over the BTS results but not all the ETLs are there nor is the STL. Might be nothing to that or the fecal matter is about to hit the spinning blades for the second...
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    Fantasy Target

    I'll take MMB loved working in that section bloody well best time of my Target life
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    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    we all have voices. some have chosen to speak others have not. if we spoke as one…
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    In the news....

    not news but
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    Transferring to Erie!

    Well at least the lake does not catch on fire all that much any more……
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    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    aye that it was where things were done before the middle of the next day. no rando carts of Elune only knows what sitting around for months at a time.
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    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    in order to brand an aisle in the Backroom you will need a massive amount of space, depending on the department, GRC 1,2 & 3 will need full on Asiles, Softlines will need to cut their footprint in the backroom massively. the amount of time, energy, and physical labor needed to set this up to be...
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    Tips for keeping BTS zoned?

    our BTS person, yes as in singular as in there is only one person for all of the BTS and STAT + OFC, has started full on cursing in their Native language as no one around here speaks said language no on has any clue what they are saying. so it's all good.
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    In the news....

    Bloody ‘ell they were still following the Blue Laws? That’s odd. Did not think it was a thing other than in the New England area
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    MEGATHREAD The Big & Dandy Backroom thread!

    Bwahyaaa compliance, safety, OSHA, L&I, Fire Codes, ha laugh at thee. All that matters is teh timelines. Get it done that is the only thing that matters in this brave new world. If there is an accident I can with out a doubt guarantee that the management will not take a hit. They will blame...
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    Target Deal Days vs. Prime Days

    Is if we only had the freight and manpower to handle all this happy BS.
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    closing TL expects us to clock out but makes us wait 20-40 minutes to leave building

    Iirc there was something similar that happened at an Apple Store, they were not successful in their attempt at getting compensated for the lost time. Apparently they, Apple, defeated one of the few lawsuits. Although not exactly like what was described in the original post and probably not...
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    MEGATHREAD The Big & Dandy Backroom thread!

    Yeah baby bring back a thread from the dead zone. No better place to put this. So some one thought that putting a 1,000+ pound bale of cardboard up on the top of the steel was such a good idea they did it twice. But there’s more There is a big arse unsecured bag of recycling on top of one...
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    Tips for keeping BTS zoned?

    Vodka just start day drinking. it will end up much better that way.
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    What do you miss?

    I second this along with: ETLs that are actually knowledgeable in their respective areas, a backroom team that has the hours, staffing, knowledge, ability and that special sauce to keep the backroom from looking like the disaster hells cape it is now, a Instocks team, Plano, price change. A...