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    Hiring Rotating availability?

    w00t! So I just contacted Shipt, and they are actually going to be in my area soon! As soon as they are, I'm putting in an application. I'm actually pretty excited about this. So thanks again for the suggestion. This whole thing is taking a turn in a direction I would not have thought.
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    Hiring Rotating availability?

    Hmmm true true! I was so focused on the Bullseye that I kinda forgot about those options. I think I will look into Shipt, since that is owned by Target at least I don't think my cars would work for Lyft or Uber. Shipt would definitely be right up my alley since I can name my own hours. Thanks...
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    Hiring Rotating availability?

    Unfortunately going for weekends only would not work, as I work every other weekend. Lol I realize it is different, I do keep in contact with my former co-workers and I am still a loyal Target shopper. Although I doubt expectations have changed too much. Also, it's not like I am looking to work...
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    Hiring Rotating availability?

    So last year I retired my bullseye nametag and got out of retail entirely. I also moved as well. However I am interested in returning to Target on an extreme part time basis in order to make some extra money. Basically my current work schedule is a fixed rotation, as I work 12 hour days. So...
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    Mobile Payments: The Sequel!

    So it looks like we are trying mobile payments again, instead of just accepting Apple/Android Pay. Kind of disappointing. Target will launch its own mobile payments system this year On the bright side, instead of making it ANOTHER app somebody has to download, we are slipstreaming it into...
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    New Devices

    This is what SHOULD have been done in the first place! I knew it would happen eventually, simply because iPod Touches are NOT meant for working retail environments such as ours. I imagine that once we do get new devices, the MC9200's will finally go away, as Zebra devices are meant to take the...
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    Electronic Merchandise Pre-orders (specifically game consoles)

    I wouldn't be so quick to write off in store pre-orders just yet. Target is usually a little slow on getting them out. I know the Wii U had online Pre-orders long before we got the cards sent out to us. Now I haven't heard anything as of YET, but I am keeping a vigilant watch for them. Usually...
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    Portrait Studios closing

    I don't know about LifeTouch going out of business... they do portraits and ID pictures for schools across the nation. Here is an in depth article on the situation: Lifetouch to close 136 Target portrait studios
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    Electronic Merchandise Pre-orders (specifically game consoles)

    At my store we take the preorders seriously. We make sure to check workbench to see how many games to set aside. The last system that we did preorders for was the Wii U. I don't recall if we did them with the NEW Nintendo 3DS. There hasn't been any word on in store preorders for the switch...
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    EHR at home not working again?

    Thank you but I wasn't asking about MyTime at all. I was asking about EHR. I like to log in Tuesdays on weeks we get paid to look at my paystubs. It's annoying just to drive to work to do that.
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    EHR at home not working again?

    Is it me or is the EHR access at home not working again? I used to be able to log in, but for the last month I keep getting the message that I am locked out. I can get in just fine at work. I don't even know how to go about getting the issue fixed.
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    Specialty Target Mobile question.

    I am curious, I wonder if I am able to pay off my AT&T Next phone at the Mobile Kiosk or if I have to do it through AT&T? Cause if I can, that's be sweet and I could use my discount and save about $60! Any thoughts?
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    Sales Floor what are attachments?

    Yeah attachments are definitely broken right now, and I don't think they are getting fixed. At this time when you sell a TV with an HDMI cable, the HDMI cable is NOT attached tot he TV. Sunday I sold a TV with a wall mount, HDMI cable and a S/RP. Technically that should have been 300%...
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    MEGATHREAD Target myDevices

    For the most part I like the myDevices because of the integrated functionality it brings. I will say though I hate how the scanner gives out, sometimes once every hour. One thing I really miss though is being able to check not only if another store has an item, but also where exactly that item...
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    CoD: Advanced Warfare Day Zero a day early?

    So here is something weird. On the Wii U Planogram is a Wii U version of Advanced Warfare. It is active, 59.99 DPCI is 207-30-3333. Weirder still is that there is a Z-date of 5/02. Now I know better than to take a Z-Date as gospel truth, but the fact that there is any Z-Date at all is very...