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    HSA $200?

    I went for an eye exam and got the $300 for a total of $500 in HSA account.
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    Dress code change

    Maybe it’s red and white. It will be interesting to see. I’ve known my HR a long time and she usually reads things with a fine tooth comb.
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    Should Target sell Bullseye stuffed animals?

    My profile picture shows the two dogs that I won including a mini shopping cart. I’m sure they would sell if the line was made available in the stores.
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    Dress code change

    That’s the way they worded it. The ETL’s don’t know what it is.
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    Dress code change

    That’s the way they worded it. The ETL’s don’t know what it is.
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    Dress code change

    At our huddle this morning they said that we will be receiving a new digital employee handbook next month on Workday and that there will be a secret change to the dress code. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? The company maybwant to create consistency in our outfits so we all look the same.
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    Bye Bye Receivers

    My store recently changed our C&S days to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Since our receiver works M-F, the ETL or TL on duty has to receive the weekend delivery. However, on occasion he or she is busy and I’ve had to handle the receiving duties on top of having to push the pallets. It...
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    Does Target ever fire anyone?

    There was a coworker that spent a ton of time talking and refusing to do work. It took time but once a new ETL came aboard, he was let go shortly after. Firing people takes time but it will happen eventually. An indication about whether someone is fired is if you ask your team leader about where...
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    Why don't we have a virtual Target yet?

    I have a Quest 2 as well and love It! It is fun to be able to travel to places whenever I want and watch immersive videos. It feels like you have your own private movie theatre. Certain videos and apps will make you dizzy but others are fine. After a long day at work, I usually don’t like to...
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    Closed Thanksgiving forever.

    I remember when Spot tested in the Denver, CO market being open during the morning for last minute grocery sales. It flopped.
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    Fall tm bonus

    I got it. My coworker did too. $265!
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    Christmas Eve Closing Time

    It was not always 10. I remember when it was 6. I closed numerous Eves til 10 in Market and it’s always terrible. The last few hours we were the only place open to buy groceries. Even the local convenience store chain was closed. People were buying everything in sight it seemed.
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    Monopoly Target Edition

    The old game that I own is a standard monopoly game with Target team member theming. (You got a greenback room location accuracy score, head to Red and Khalo Way). Instead of houses and hotels it’s stores and distribution centers. Great fun! I hear that this new game is only 10 minutes and can...
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    Target Canada Talk

    I mentioned this in a previous thread but there were numerous reasons. They shouldn’t have bought existing leases from a chain without doing their research to see if the locations were good ones. They also assumed that it would be easy to set up a distribution network just like in the states...
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    Another $200 bonus for team members

    What about the bonus’s that were mentioned for fall?