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    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    This A,B,C blocking is happening at my store too, because of the loss of so many team members. We haven’t had anyone maintaining bedding, bath, pets, or sporting goods for over a month. My leadership told the toy DBO he needed to take ownership of the sporting goods area because of his proximity...
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    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    It's the most frustrating thing ever to watch the position you take such pride in go to hell, but just try to hang in there. The same thing happened to me back in February/March/April when our new ETL was adamant about me not doing signing. Pallets started to build up in the steel. I would sneak...
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    Pricing and Presentation Signing job

    I just had my one on one meeting. My store is not that far into Modernization from what I can tell. He said everyone will do another one on one during reviews but I think the ETL's at my store are all on edge with our STL quitting abruptly last week. I'm signing, and was told I will still be...