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    Working on New Years Eve?

    True.. lmao. Ya got me there.
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    Working on New Years Eve?

    No but when you work B2 .. come 12am its 1/1/
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    Working on New Years Eve?

    Anybody else working on New Years Eve? I'm on B2 shift and I was hired on as a regular about a month or so ago. Why doesn't Target recognize New Years Eve like they do Christmas?
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    Seasonal to raise?

    I work at a DC. I've been there for almost 6 months. I've been told by leaders that they are making me permanent soon. If they do make me permanent, does that mean I get a pay raise?
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    Difficult "newbe"

    How do you deal with a difficult "newbe" who doesnt want to do things the way you're showing them (the way I was trained) ?
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    DC Orientation

    For orientation, they said we'll be there for 6-8 hours... should we dress business casual or go in actual work clothes? Will we be working right after the orientation? Also the closed toe they have to be boots or can they be any closed shoe?