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    Is Target considered a grocery/food industry? Covid vaccine eligibility

    The 4 hr pay is for 2 shots. You should ask. I believe you qualify. You get the money whether or not you took time off.
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    3 years later and Spot is in my rearview mirror

    Can't go wrong with a good Union job. Congrats!
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    Emergency Time Off?

    I asked and was told by hr it is for anything covid related.
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    How Bad Is Your Store?

    Holy shit! My head would explode if I had to deal with that everyday. You guys need a visit.
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    "Warehouse leaders"

    As a store team member what and when are these slower months lol
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    Shoe Dept

    Just the opposite in my store. I have always pushed shoes and after modernization own shoes. My problem is too much product. I wish my floor pad was bigger. I lost space after the remodel. I am a $50,000,000 store.
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    Hello from Seasonal Softline!

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    Tell me a secret

    You can not care more than your leaders care!
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    Style TM’s, do you set vmg’s?

    Yes if we own it we set it
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    Hours being cut.

    Normal for this time of year.
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    To That One Guest - II

    Oh hell no! I would tell my tl to serve them
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    New GSTL, howdy

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    At my store we were told to walk in with a mask on.
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    Gifts ?

    Every year I buy for our hr tm. In the past I have bought for my tl and Etl log
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Doing grocery has to be easier than digging thru repacks. No brainer IMO