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    GM ad 😬

    I'm normally off on Sundays, DBO Toys, how would I get the ad set if I did my own...wait til Monday? On the newest 2 schedules, I'm off Sun, Monday, and Tue. :)
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    How yall coping with incoming toys?

    yeah, I got a crap to of Uno too...Jenga....those Monster Jam grave diggers....
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    Playing Music In Target?

    There's a new Christmas one that's been playing...something about "Bring on the cheer!" any ideas?
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    Songs On Target Radio ID?

    ok, I'll have to peruse thru it...thanks
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    Songs On Target Radio ID?

    well, that didn't really help me haha....but ok thanks :)
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    Songs On Target Radio ID?

    I was just wondering if anybody knew some of these songs I hear at One is something about "can't go on forever...", sorry...that's all I got...another newer one I think is a Christmas song..."bring on the cheer!"?
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    Anyone hit their guest limit?

    We haven't metered in a few months. We did at some point this spring/summer, but then they stopped. No idea if they will again.
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    Toy 141s

    I must add that lately I've been only having 5 hr shifts, so that's maybe half hour to zone/reshop, the odd backup run....just doesn't seem possible. Also, my backroom is nearing capacity, so it's constant up and down the ladders back there....kills productivity. My leads haven't complained...
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    Toy 141s

    So I'm the toys DBO at my store. Overnight team pushes the truck, so mostly all I do anymore is reshop, quick zone if any, and then toys and sport pulls. Lately my toy pulls have been 200+, and yesterday they were over 300! Sport was 40 ish. Would it be reasonable to expect that all to be...
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    is there a way to turn off drive up alerts for yourself? I'm the toys DBO and have no need to have the drive up notification popup on my device (which I have to wait to disappear before doing anything on the top of my screen before doing anything). I don't need to be alerted...Also, why do I...
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    141s in MyDay

    Yeah, what does that even mean/do?
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    I get annoyed when I accidently hit print, the x to close that window will not go away, you have to close the app.
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    Is it just me, or does MyDay constantly kick you out of batches? (1 for 1s) And what's with the constant freezing? ::sigh::
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    Corporate Dear Corporate...

    exactly, I had 5 JoJo Siwa Journals appear in my reshop the other day in toys...I had never seen it before...I'm it toys? is it office? is it girls? I scanned with I'm At least I was able to still check with MyWork which listed OFCE. ;) What would...
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    Shame backstock has gone away from MyWork. It was so nice being able to do my pulls using both MyDay and MyWork. I would pull with MyDay, but leave Mywork open to backstock...cuz I know my area, if I went to pull something I knew wouldn't fit on the floor, I would just tap over to mywork and...