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    Archived New technology?

    Sigh.. Understandable. I think looking ahead it'll pay off as productivity will increase assuming the load times decreases as per the current webapps. I use the PDA for Task work. When it comes to guest service, my iphone is the first thing I reach for.. Glad to see target finally embracing the...
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    Archived New technology?

    Was the time frame at all accurate?
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    Archived Cosmetics Tips & Tricks?

    I'm confused.. So you push the merchandise from the truck and back stock it? Are you coded flow team? Sales floor? Backroom? Sounds like a certain ETL and STL have different interpretations of best practice.
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    Archived Cosmetics Transcend

    If anyone is having power issues such as some lights on some off. The fix is to evenly distribute the plugs on the top of the gondola. Some plugs are white some are black. These signify separate circuits. If more are plugged into the white plugs and vice versa you will trip a breaker. Also did...
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    Archived New technology?

    So, my STL hinted at some new technology coming very soon( he mentioned June) in the iOS region.. Sure enough my curious mind ended up on workbench in the share point site named my device. Sure enough!! iPod touches with the Honeywell sleds are moving in. There are numerous PowerPoint slides...
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    Archived New technology?

    does anyone have the MC40s (LPDA) yet? I have 3 new 9200s (PDA) in my store the rest are 60s and 90s. Whenever we send an older model PDA out to DRC they just send back a a brand new 9200. So my ETL LOG just sends them out one by one now since literally all of our equipment have something wrong...
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    Archived New prototypes anytime soon?

    if anyone still cares about this thread, there is a newish prototype, mostly signing though. Layouts are P09 format, 2 news stores in my group are Target Canada format in terms of signing. The bulk department signing has small symbols on them (ex. Bath has a small shower head, Grocery has a fork...
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    Archived Big changes for plano!

    While we are on topic of PTM'ing and item replace best practice. I get the whole item replace end caps.. i get that and thats fine. now not so much inlines, but trend runs. My STL says these need to be PTMd immediately after setting. (given yes there are a few outs here and there since its...
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    Archived Accused of Racism?

    I am a Hardlines TL and have had the hotline called me 3 times for claims of racism. The latest one was a Softlines team member was instructed to get a walkie from TSC and she kept on ignoring the request from myself and LOD. I then got the walkie myself and had an on the spot coaching...
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    Archived New technology?

    Disable cross scanning mode (Crtl+Red button). You're welcome :)
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    Archived Are all stores hiring fewer seasonal hires for Q4?

    This is had been made a RED media category meaning no store can speak to local media regarding 4th quarter staffing. If that doesnt answer your question...
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    Archived Transcend Beauty (Cosmetics remodel!!)

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    Archived Transcend Beauty (Cosmetics remodel!!)

    Haha yea. That sounds accurate to what I have now.. It's terrible. I will not miss the use of bullnoses
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    Archived Transcend Beauty (Cosmetics remodel!!)

    Keep us posted! It's either destination Beauty or the transcend beauty set. What did you have prior?
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    Archived Transcend Beauty (Cosmetics remodel!!)

    Team, Check your emails! Transcend Beauty is being rolled out chain wide... I was notified today that during the Spring 2014 transition we will be replacing Destination Beauty with Transcend Beauty. I have been contacted by a vendor who will be installing electrical outlets next week through...