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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Recently, I have been so relieved to not have to do fulfillment when I am scheduled for it. I have the best friends in SFS but I don't need the stress and the bullshit. The remodel is apparently done and everyone is back from the overnight shifts, but things are still so majorly fucked up. What...
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    Are there any sd's that buck the system ,is it possible for any to think outta the box or are they handcuffed by corp

    Where are you working that hires 40 people that couldn't make it to Christmas? I was one of only a few they hired seasonally October last year and I was able to cut it... though I guess a lot of seasonal people did get let go (fired) fairly early... and I did have Tls and ETLs fight to keep me...
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    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    With the remodel plus modernization, the amount of clearance and off file things are ridiculous. And we often can't find the specific things the guest is looking for. Even if I try to look for it at other stores, it will just say it is not on file. Why are there so many not on files?
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    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    I was trying to pull the clearance on back to school. Only got about 1/5 through and was still skeptical it would fit on the few shelves we still have for it. I still made it work but those sections are going to disappear fast.
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    Do they really believe?

    We started the modernization right before remodeling and that is specifically hitting us hard in various ways. Hard to say what the leaders think about it when it is already so hectic around here. Plus they replaced some of the old ETLs with new ones so they have nothing to compare it too.
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    If you are actually drunk on the job, that seems like a fireable offense.
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    Honestly, if you are drinking that much, that often, then eventually hangovers are nothing but a little grogginess for a bit. Just be sure to get enough sleep and you can be fine.
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    If you are showing up to work still impaired, then that is fucked up. Don't do that. That being said, I drink a good amount every night, but I am both used to it and give myself enough time to sleep so I am practically never hungover... but it is hard for me to get hungover in general nowadays.
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    Nasty garlic odor?

    I seriously have never noticed this specifically from those products, but there have been some items that have smelled unusually bad. I always wonder "is that me?.. (*give myself a smell) no doesn't seem like it". Maybe someone poured milk all over them before shipping or something.
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    Corporate Store remodels

    I must say I have almost zero faith in this remodel process now. So many things are messed up. I can only hope they plan to fix it soon but I might as well make voodoo dolls of the remodel leads.
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    Terminated gstl

    I'm a little wonky about this because I did pull an item from the backroom during my shift and then purchase it full price after I got off work last holiday season. It was already fully stocked on the floor and I only took it from the back so I didn't have to remove any of the purchasable items...
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    Guest Services Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    First time ever today I had someone ask for a manager. I had to take a call for cosmetics because I was covering for someone on break. I didn't want to take it because I know fuck all about cosmetics, but I was the only one in the area. The person was immediately rude from the get go, and when I...
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    What if guest break something

    You could probably do a search on google with "thebreakroom" in it to find the answer. I'm not sure how good the search function on this site is honestly. But like many forums, FAQs have been answered already unless there is a policy that changed. I don't care about it personally but it cause...
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    15 dolla make u holla (in despair)

    Thank you! That was exactly the type of insight I look for. I may have misunderstood your comment at first, but you clearly have more experience with this and I want to know the most I can about it. I knew some people (mainly with Asperger's) who were so awesome and only came across as a little...
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    15 dolla make u holla (in despair)

    Are you suggesting that this was simply a result of their environment early on? I think there is no way they randomly diverged from normal that young without it being there since birth. I don't see how autism is any different from any other developmental disorder that obviously have a genetic...