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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Tell them that our goal time was reduced to get them their order faster.
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Fair Point. It's what's worked for my store, but ASANTS.
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Have newer/slower pickers take negative/soon to be negative batches, because they'll eventually run out of time anyways. Leverage your best teammembers to pick the newest batches so that POT doesn't suffer as badly as if the team just takes the batches in order. That and taking multiple...
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    Is this Real Life? (A Market vent thread)

    My store has them carrying forward on the 11/29 Entertaining salesplanner with the hormel trays. They are not fun to put together, though they sold well the first week and haven't since.
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    What to do with all the Discontinued?

    This would make too much sense, but products on pogs that die or get replaced with a revision or transition should jump to clearance as soon as they're NOP if they haven't already
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    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    DTL said the same for my district>store. In talking to TL over plano, we figured that it wouldn't happen and they'd go back to asking him to do it. Always interesting to see what they come up with that never works out.
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    Chemical reset - Discussion/planning/tips

    My store has had two working on it, and I don't think either of them had much idea about plano at all. The PLUG DBO and the Chem 'DBO' (Backup receiver). It's been an absolute disaster, they've been slowly working on it for almost two weeks. GM2 TL was off last week for the biggest moves...
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    EXFiltrate (Get out)?
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    Bullseye Gift Shop?

    I'm going in least going to the flagship store, would be interesting to know if I can just walk in and present id and TM card.
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    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    That's what I was leaning towards and what i'm probably going to have to do. Working to make sure all the displays are present, audit out any missing, it's a big mess and was left pretty haphazard during the October transition. SD had me captain PLUG through fourth quarter, so it's my project...
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    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    Working on streamlining the small appliance displays, and want to create a spreadsheet for each pog. Was hoping to be able to print the line listing like when you pull a pog up on the zebra (with the products AND displays), but it appears that it is no longer functional on Online Planogram. Is...
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    1-for-1 Scannable Sheet. It's a Group effort.

    The Amp fillgroups were AGCS (Curiosity Shop), AGDE (Disney Eats), AGFZ (Frozen), AGHH (Home for the Holidays), AGKD (Key Destinations), and AGFS (Family Sleep). Other than Disney, Frozen, and Family Sleep, I never paid much attention to what products or which salesplanners constituted the others
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    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    We used a couple of pink single use plastic tablecloths taped over the red plaid cover. It looks terrible and won't last
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    Target Secrets

    Gibbs would be proud.
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    Closing team

    Not to mention when CL is on lunch. Typically, there's only one TL left to cover, so that literally makes them the LOD. All this talk, for example, if you're a market TM you should go to your market TL..but what if they're not there, etc.