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    Old Team Member Number

    I've worked at Spot 3x. I've had the same TM number the whole time. The longest break between stints was 1.5 years.
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    To That One Guest - II

    Karen mentality! Assumes that there are TMs waiting around doing nothing until his order was placed.
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    No call no show

    If it makes you feel better, just write "Review received" and initial it.
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    Is lyft still doing free rides to work?

    Call back and ask for the details!
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    Benefits Part time or full time benefits?

    My favorite is punching in 5 minutes early and staying an extra 5 after each shift. Worse comes to worse, pick up a cashier shift.
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    Yup, unemployment is pretty high right now.
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    Answered How can I use my discount?

    I had 1 TM that did that on a regular basis when I would be running SCO. She would ring up her purchases at 1 SCO, quickly step over to another SCO to purchase a Target g/c using a credit card and use the newly purchased g/c to pay for her purchases. Used to irritate the heck out of me that...
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    How to transfer departments?

    That's a good idea! In my store, market outsells style.
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    How to transfer departments?

    Starbucks is typically difficult for most Target stores to keep staffed. Your store will likely make it difficult to transfer to another department. So keep asking to cross train. With time you may find your way out of Starbucks.
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    ADA form filled out by doctor required because I can't pull milk pallets?

    Yeah, you'll need an ADA letter. This is pretty standard and protects the employer from discrimination claims from your co-workers. Before you go to the effort of getting something from your doctor talk to HR and find out if there's a specific form that they require instead of just a generic...
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    Past Workman's Comp Injury

    Contact the hopital's (or urgent care, or wherever you went) records department and ask them what you need to do to get the records... usually have to sign a release, and may have to pay a fee(usually per page). Or contact the billing department and ask for an itemized copy of the bill. You...
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    Answered Am I Still Seasonal?

    If you're interested in being a permanent TM I'd keep my mouth closed until I have in those 165 days. At least if someone dropped the ball and forgot to let you go, it will be more difficult for them to terminate you and puts you in a better position to collect unemployment!
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    Exit Survey

    Not sure who it goes to, but mine ended be a topic of conversation at one of the leadership meetings. So if yours is interesting, expect it to be shared!
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    Fulfillment being phased out?

    So 10 minutes of training?
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    Girls??? Women, Females, Ladies!