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    3-Hour Shifts, normal?

    They are, get used to it.
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    NCNS in first 90 days :(

    You should be okay. However, with your previous call-out and being late a few times, you really don't have good attendance. Spot expects perfect attendance during your probationary period. Good luck!
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    Team Lead Promotion

    So you're one of many...hmmm.
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    New pay for team lead in 2020?

    The $20 an hour was for the bottom of the food Spots version of cashier. The other employees earn more. So the clerical person who you report your claim to earns more than most of Target's TLs. There's something to be said about earning more than just enough to get by.
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    New pay for team lead in 2020?

    Ok, so this isn't Cali, and everyone gets at least 20 bucks an hour
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    No Hours = Incomplete Tasks

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    HR Changing schedule without me knowing

    Just put a sheet of paper over the info for the person who is above you and below you on the schedule. Then take your picture of the schedule. You're CYA yet protecting your coworkers privacy, IF that's what HR is truly worried about.
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    Getting let go

    So best to just keep showing up and not tip your hand by asking about status!
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    $14 an hour very soon?

    So is it just the new hires making $13.75 or all TMs making 13.75? Back in 2014 when I was making less than $8/hr, the seasonals were hired in at $9/hr. All of the regular TMs had to wait for their reviews in spring to be bumped to $9. That was almost 6 months later.😡
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    In the news....

    Just a matter of time before they all close. Stock is trading for about a buck a share.
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    Who recently quit at your store?

    What type of material are you self publishing?
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    In the news....
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    Getting let go

    Just keep showing up! Maybe someone forgot to let you go or inform you that you were a 'keeper'. By the time someone figures out what was supposed to happen, they won't be able to terminate you because you'll have been there too long!
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    In the news.... Company for Macy's!
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    Do you not have enough threads to cover your issue???