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    Pride merch

    Good point and something I've seen from several people who try to seem reasonable and concerned when talking about the Target situation. Their interest isn't the damage being done to people and the outrageous protests and threats of violence, but bending the conversation back to questioning...
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    thoughts on the new pride collection?

    I feel a little gullible for believing the company explanation about only select stuff being moved in select areas. They went too far with it and yeah, it settles the safety vs. profit question clearly. Ironically our worst unhinged complaint came after the recalls too. Yelling at us because we...
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    Fulfillment ruins everything

    I've done plenty of insane drive up days and yeah it's very hard at times. I think you're right that there's not much value in comparing them.
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    Fulfillment ruins everything

    "To cross or not to cross that is the question" Yeah it can be a real Shakespearean dilemma out there. Hamlet, Big Bird, these are the giants on whose shoulders we stand.
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    Fulfillment ruins everything

    Hmm, we lift literally everything D/U does and put more miles on our feet at a brisk speed (and more than anybody else except maybe CA). I think that's obviously more physical. I didn't say anything about it being more/less physical than other jobs, though. I haven't worked them enough to know...
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    Fulfillment ruins everything

    Yeah I get I'm responding to an obvious troll, but it's wine-30 here at the Cynical household and wine things happen.
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    Fulfillment ruins everything

    Ha! So I've been a TL over drive up and am currently over FF. I was excellent at D/U (drove the best time in group aside from the low volume stores) and am solid though not an expert at FF (95 UPH/ 3% INF while doing lots of distracting TL shit during batches). You have no clue what you're...
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    Best TL 😇 is leaving, but the evil ETL 😈 remains.

    Definitely a maturity thing. Some are even ignorant enough to give attitude when asked to remove them. Those are the times I wish Target would let me light them up lol.
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    Can I be banned for nothing?

    Semi-serious answer if there's a protective order - you can have the protective order modified in most cases, but Target can still ban you. Since you're talking about doing your job, it's unlikely you're banned if you behave yourself. Also don't stalk unless you're celery.
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    Calling off through mytime

    Exactly this, has already been an issue a couple of times, no bueno. Our SD and ETLs hate it, hopefully that's a widespread complaint and it gets changed. One of my team members noted that calling off on the app is awesome for TMs who are actually sick and can't wait for somebody to answer the...
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    No set schedules again?

    Auto-gen messes up my coverage and screws my team members. It doesn't care about their needs or what makes them perform better, and it doesn't know that our team does better with a balanced schedule w/regard to team member experience and skill. It also sometimes schedules people for no hours...
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    Prepare for next

    It was You should get an email/workday stuff soon. Roughly an hour or two of prework? The first session was talking about communication styles, especially related to how your circle of people expands and how impactful your communication becomes as you progress into more responsibility. There...
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    Closing lead question

    If they're locked then you should be fine. If unsure contact your ETL lol.
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    Calling off through mytime

    Not cool that TLs can't see this. There is no reason for that, it's bullshit and results in a completely unnecessary layer of easily-forgettable but very important communication. We're trusted to look at almost every imaginable piece of Target store data provided we know how to navigate...
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    Merit Raises & Reviews: 2023 Edition

    Nah, we're having the same slow leak of talent everyone else is. Or I could be wrong and they will just mass exodus my ass lol.
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    Merit Raises & Reviews: 2023 Edition

    5% first DEO tier review, and looks like promotion is a possibility fairly soon. Been a rollercoaster.
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    Merit Raises & Reviews: 2023 Edition

    Have delivered 80% of my team's reviews and so far only 2 were angry, most were meh and one top performer was happy with 2% (?!). One "DEO" given this year when my team had 4 outstanding performers. Apologized to everyone. I still haven't gotten my review lol. I'll be the last leader by far to...
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    Is Pacesetter pay really nonexistent?

    The HR expert job is the best thing you can put on your resume at the pay grade. ASANTS, but our last few HR experts have been dynamite, and we keep losing them to higher paying jobs - it's mostly a pathway to better employment, though it can also be a pathway to Target leadership.
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    Merit Raises & Reviews: 2023 Edition

    It's more that there's a limit to the compensation that can be given out, not that there's a quota per se. It just works out as if there was a limit, since the store is going to spread out the raises among the departments somewhat, and people will be left out who shouldn't be. This is decided on...
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    Merit Raises & Reviews: 2023 Edition

    The long-winded suggestions by Target of lies and comic half-truths we're supposed to tell our team members about their shitty raises are very insulting. Nobody on this planet likes being talked to in corpo-robo-tough-shit-you-suck language.