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    Barely trained

    I transferred from being a closing TL to specialty sales TL and had ZERO training. Just thrown right in to the shit show. So, right now, yes it’s normal which is why no one stays.
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    USAA, I get my deposit on Wednesday.
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    Team Member Development

    What are some of the best way to help encourage talent to grow and think as a leader? There are a few team members who want to grow their position with the company, but I feel like giving them new tasks is only half of the development process.
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    Specialty Sales

    My ETL usually has her push hba, but we don’t technically own it.
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    Pride merch

    I have not looked up this artist, so I could be wrong. But you know the term “own the libs” maybe referring to satan is “own the Christian nationalists.” I say that from my own experience because I would definitely yell all hail satan if someone was b1tch1ng about the pride section. These same...
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    Pride merch

    The thing is, the people boycotting probably don’t own any stock in Target. It’s old farts who think gay is still taboo. The stock will be right back where it was soon enough. Target will find new investors because they use their profits to buy back stock.
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    Prepare for next

    How did yours go?
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    Specialty Sales

    I have one beauty tm who is on a medical LOA right now and I just lost a breakout tm and two style team members. We have been closing with just one style tm. I don’t quite own home and seasonal yet, but the goal is for me to own it.
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    Specialty Sales

    I am a new SSTL and I haven’t been trained, so I am learning on the fly. How many team members do you have in beauty, style, and tech? Do you actually own home & seasonal, and if so how many team members do you have? On average how big are your style trucks and how long does it take the breakout...
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    Prepare for next

    Anyone the SD believes has the skills to possibly be on the bench. Though in the training, it repeatedly says there's no guarantee of promotion.
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    Prepare for next

    What was the first class like? Only two people from my store was choosen, not sure about district wide. My district doesn’t really have much upward movement. Three or four years ago there were five people on the bench and whenever a position opened it 99% of the time went to an external. I am...
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    Prepare for next

    Has anyone started the new ETL bound program?
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    OPU expert to do pth/stowing only

    That’s just ship. We’ve been carrying over units since the LTO. Had to have another store come in and help. Finally caught up.
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    OPU expert to do pth/stowing only

    My store is doing the Dbo flex test and this is how we’re doing
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    Are We Getting Bonuses this year?

    Yes, but TLs won't receive that until Q1.
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    Service & Engagement Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    Anybody else have coupon scammers hit all the stores in their district yesterday?
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    Who recently quit at your store?

    Shorter list: who hasn’t quit
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    Pick Speed vs Number of units picked?

    If someone picked less, but have a higher pick productivity I would assume they are faking their numbers ie pausing their carts
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    Who handles return to stock at your store?

    The three that drop in won’t be for 9am that day, but the next day. If you’re red it’s because you have potential walked.
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    805 times regular employees pay

    That some of that money needs to be reinvested into the company. Walkies suck, mydevices suck, registers suck, brick and mortar stores falling apart. They need to show they CARE by making it easier for us to do our jobs so we can GROW the company and WIN together. Nothing worse then coming in...