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  1. lucidtm

    Question about policy on promoting to PML

    There isn't an official company policy regarding internal promotions. It is all at the discretion of your SD and DSD. At our store, most of our TLs (including myself) were promoted internally. For ETL, it is essentially the same but we don't have a ton of ETL turnover. For both roles, they...
  2. lucidtm

    Does fixing miss pick hurt DC scores?

    IDK but what I do know is that if you fix a miss-pick it not only fixes your inventory (which helps fulfillment and metrics), but covers your store's butt as well. The wrong item being sent isn't your store's fault, but your store is responsible to fix it. I would also imagine that if a certain...
  3. lucidtm

    $1.00 extra from 10/22/2023 to 01/06/2024

    If you look in your Workday profile under "compensation" it should say what (if any) your temp. pay differential is. No matter your pay cycle I feel like everyone should be entered in at this point. We're hiring seasonal, but not a lot. Mostly just for fulfillment and the front end. I doubt we...
  4. lucidtm

    330 and 340 bags

    We use the 340 for winter items and some pillows. 330 for bigger clothing items and orders. With 20 boxes your store will be good on 340 and 330 until the end of 2040 🤣
  5. lucidtm

    I miss Target so much!!

    You'd probably end up getting a higher starting wage as an ETL since you're not a current TL there. From what I've heard and read, salary wise, it is better to leave and come back vs. be promoted from within. Can't hurt to try to apply!
  6. lucidtm

    Service & Engagement New SCO Pilot

    That drives me insane. I'm all for teaching your kids, but do it when we're dead and the kids are older. I don't even let my teens do it when it's semi-busy because I feel bad for taking up the time and space lol
  7. lucidtm

    Workers Comp after telling ER that it wasn't?

    For Target WC you need to file your report ASAP and get with your HR (ETL, preferably) to get the ball rolling. I'm not sure if it will be covered since you were off the clock. The above post stated they had a former TM parking lot injury covered while walking into work whereas at my store we...
  8. lucidtm

    Missed a call from HR but no one is picking up?

    Make sure when you start you let your TL and ETL know that you're interested in staying on. It's likely store dependent, but at my store we keep the largest percentage of seasonal in Fulfillment and then next would be cashier/guest service. Even if you're hired for GM or Specialty, ensure you...
  9. lucidtm

    Stores Closing, Sadly No Surprise

    I wonder if these stores are SFS stores? Meaning, since Target is leaning more on SFS and OPU are they closing stores that aren't capable of growing in those areas. Either due to lack of room to expand or low sales and/or growth impact/trends in those areas. My conspiracy theory (not knowing...
  10. lucidtm

    Bullseye Shop

    This is a great idea. As much as the TM's at our store complain 90% of them love getting Target swag.
  11. lucidtm

    Fall National Meeting

    I imagine they're wanting to push them now because no one can afford anything, so they want to push people to charge it. It makes that $40 coupon for signing up more enticing too - everyone loves a coupon, especially since we're all even more broke than before. They'll probably get a nice...
  12. lucidtm

    Call Out Accountability

    This is how our store operated when we had our old SD. With COVID, attendance became more lax. Target seemed to care more about health and wellness. As COVID became less of a priority to the world Target wanted us to go back to being more stern about attendance. Because our old SD was...
  13. lucidtm

    Schedule change fallout

    It's a mess. We tried to do it and leave it but truly, you just CAN'T. In order for this to work you'd need to be fully staffed with TMs (all with great availability), payroll to perfected to a "T", and, most importantly, an IT system that is actually functional. Target keeps trying to "fix...
  14. lucidtm

    🙌 It begins

    We are still living through the residual horrors of last year's remodel. Prepare for everything to be rigged up like a toddler did it, everything will break, not work, run late... a night mare of unspeakable proportions. Oh, and you think your AC is bad now? It gets worse. No, I'm not...
  15. lucidtm


    It runs SO much better this way. We had some management changes semi-recently and not all of them are keen on tasking. Of any sort. At all. It shows throughout the entire store, not just their department. Storewide we lost A LOT of fantastic, long-term TMs due to it. It seems to slowly be...
  16. lucidtm


    It really depends on what your store's volume is and what the leader head count is, what area(s) you oversee as the GMTL, etc. Our store has 3 so they split the areas, but ASANTS.
  17. lucidtm

    New Merch Ops TL

    Ugh... that stinks. Thank you for the update!
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    I was wondering when CP would be back!
  19. lucidtm

    Drastic hours Cuts?

    HR especially should be checking for the notifications. The green shading is very blatant also. You truly cannot miss it. In a lot of stores the HR ETL and SD like to look over things for final approval. So, there is a chance this went past multiple sets of eyes and still got ignored. Wait for a...
  20. lucidtm

    Drastic hours Cuts?

    Basically, the more availability you have the more likely you are to be scheduled by the computer. They used to move the schedule around, they're not permitted to do that anymore (as much - basically if they mess with the schedule they need to be able to back it up with a legitimate business...