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    I must have gotten lucky because I had a reliability CA from an OM that’s been fired (thank god) and they let me transfer before it fell off. I believe I was 6 months into the CA
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    ITM Inbound

    Sorry what’s ITM? I work in warehouse but have flexed to most depts at least once. Been here almost 4 years but still learning
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    Unaccountable Time

    They give us up to 2 hours AFTER our shift starts to call out. Which I guess is nice if you have a problem oversleeping, I don’t because I work B2 and am always wide awake by 4pm 😅
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    Break times

    That’s wild because I actually volunteered to work at that exact DC for a week back in 2022 and it’s substantially smaller compared to my home DC. I don’t need a 15 minute extension but I wish they were just a bit more lax. They complain about 1 or 2 minutes even when it’s not a normal...
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    Break times

    Whew! I’m in a one of the bigger warehouses and it takes 5 minutes to drive from one end of the warehouse to the other. On the order picker or the slower equipment anyways. Takes 3 minutes for a faster piece of equipment. Not to mention ppl that have to walk to break, 6 minutes feels like barely...
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    Break times

    Hey all I was just curious about how much time you get to make it to the break room. Also how much time they give you to return to your work area at the end of break. Our expectation is to keep working up until 3 minutes before break starts, and then they give us 6 minutes to return to our work...
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    Step progression pay scale

    What is the last step for warehouse worker? I’m currently on Step 6 and can’t remember I’f I’m maxed out. If not I’m due for a raise in a month but not quite sure, TIA
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    Crazy thing is we USED to have that second bell but they just got rid of it with no notice until a week later. I noticed it but plenty others didn’t. So now that they finally tell us, they are being dictators about it. They are vultures at our DC. Sometimes they will hide in the break room to...
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    I’m on B2 and we get a 28 minute break at 7pm and an 18 minute break at 10pm. Curious about how strict your building is regarding how long you guys have until your OM wants you to be back and scanning.
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    Crazy we just have a bird problem, with occasional gnats because of damaged food. Funny thing is they just let the birds be because we’ve got some protected species here. Idk how they would even catch the birds if they tried lol
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    What does a DC Asset Protection Manager Do?

    Complete opposite happened at our DC. This dude literally got turned down because his brothers BABY MAMA works AP on a whole different shift and they said that was too close of an associate. I told him how much of a dumbass he was for even telling them that but nonetheless he’s still just in...
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    mid year review

    Damn once a year? We get a raise every 6 months until we are maxed out here
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    Has anyone temporarily traveled to support another DC for a week or more?

    2 years ago Target had a program I believe was called “SWAT” can’t actually find any info online about it. My Target paid for the flight, hotel and gave a daily allowance for food to provide support for a list of DC’s that needed the extra help. I ended up deciding on New York (579). iirc there...
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    Pay Codes

    Anyone know what these letters stand for on my printout of accountable time? I only know that ‘LAT’ is late.
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    No headphones but a small speaker?

    Why does it make you angry?
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    Distribution Center Application

    from my experience they start mass hiring in October, right before the holidays
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    Keeping cool with neck fans

    Sweet could you send a link or give me the brand pretty please?
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    Keeping cool with neck fans

    Hello all! I was looking for recommendations on those fans that’s people wear around their necks to keep cool. If anyone here uses one that they love I would love to know which one you are using. There are so many to choose from ranging from like $20 up to $300 and want to narrow it down. TIA