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    Production numbers vs quality

    It'll vary from OM to OM.. If they want you out they'll find a way. If you are in good standing then it's not a problem until the coaching's begin. We always used to split rapid rep, made it so everyone could recover the lost time diving everywhere just to pull a few pallets here and there...
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    Production numbers vs quality

    Trainers, Leads, and OMs should be aware that the RR takes time to master, they should be providing you with ramp time as you develop to become proficient in function. Some people take longer than others before they make it, others never do. Sometimes when this happens they are simply removed...
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    Production numbers vs quality

    Yes you will eventually get a CA if you are not meeting expectations. Which function are you learning?
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    ITM Inbound

    Does anyone have ITM setup in your DC's inbound department? Does it have a line that connects to the sorter, or is everything (conveyable flow, breakpack flow) thrown in carts instead?
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    Are they testing me? (Carton Air)

    Typically labels are handed out in order of the workstation/aisles they are assigned. There are aisles that have good density and others that do not like waterfall aisles that are dense in locations but not carton counts. Another contributing factor is the drop for the day and if there are...
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    Pay range will probably vary by location. ICQA is level 2 merit. You'll have a yearly review and eligible for a raise and an STI bonus. HR or Workday should be able to tell you the pay range.
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    Apollo rollout. It's replacing DPM
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    A1 vs B1

    A1 has never made as much as B1 at my RDC with shift differential, even with the bump that we had recently increasing the amount. We're at $2.50 and it still doesn't compare to someone working a full 40. Roughly 2k/yr difference in pay at that rate.
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    Pretty low key, laid-back, hard to retain people and short staffed, constant influx of new people. Typically lack of experienced TM for specialty functions in general. Work until 6am Tuesday morning so even though you are off for 4 it feels more like 3. Rest of the week you might try to get...
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    Sounds more like an E&F,. Warehouse IM problem to me.
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    For some departments if you have over a 7 minute gap in scans it's considered "accountable" time. So if you have to walk back to your equipment and then drive back to the aisle you were in..... They want you to work bell to bell. No leaving for break early, no staying after the end of break...
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    is icqa a dying department?

    My DC just added two more positions to the department recently.
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    Paid Sick Time

    All I know is what I was told by our HR at this DC. The app itself doesn't even line up with what I was told because it's setup in 15 minute increments. So you can't do like 43 minutes or whatever you end using. Maybe they will adjust it in the system when they do payroll if there is overage...
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    Paid Sick Time

    Paid by the minute, system rolls out in mytime on the 31st.
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    Paid Sick Time

    There is a 1 hour minimum? I didn't see that anywhere. I was contemplating using fifteen minutes to beat the traffic!
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    Paid Sick Time

    Yeah they haven't announced it yet. It will be on the benefits website as well on the 1st. Maybe there will be some answers on the site.
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    Paid Sick Time

    Looks like it's official. Hit the inbox this morning. Effective July 1st.
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    Paid Sick Time

    Haven't seen it or heard anything yet at my DC. Its happening for store TMs effective July 1st but haven't heard anything here, no communication at all asked the PC and HROC and nothing concrete yet. Really need to get back our bank holiday vacation time. Or at least the option to bank OR get...