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    Becoming a TL

    Oh absolutely
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    Becoming an ETL

    It is possible to know what store you are applying for. I applied for a specific ETL position at a specific store but its not the case usually. I have also seen someone apply for a position, be told what store it'll be and because another etl leaves they are moved before training is even finished.
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    POG Sets

    No someone is tieing it to meet the metric for set on time. Setting pogs early can be beneficial as when the product comes in it can go right out.
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    Target in the 90s? I don't think so.

    I mean it looks like someone just took a ton of photos from the internet or whatever. Im assuming some are from the 90s and some are probably later they just threw in to make a longer video
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    Becoming a TL

    I didn't even interview I was just offered the job.
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    Getting yelled at by team member

    Do this for sure
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    Becoming a TL

    No if they interview you without a position available then it's for the bench/talent pool/ whatever else they want to call it now. It's possible it's legitimate.
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    Becoming a TL

    Very rarely are tms asked to be TLs without going through the ringer and getting put on the so called bench. If they are asked they will be interviewed and would know what position and where. If they are not they are just getting the carrot on a stick promise. As far as knowing where they...
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    Transferring a TL to department that didn't have one before.

    Yeah it's always been like that. Most of the year mini should under consumables. It's the one area of the store nobody ever really claims and it's probably why it's been such an issue for so long. Half the seasonal pulls will be stuff for mini seasonal or it's under market for candy, or it's...
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    Transferring a TL to department that didn't have one before.

    Technically mini is not a part of that.
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    Transferring a TL to department that didn't have one before.

    I'm just saying why can't you elaborate on the area if it's a company wide thing. If it's the plano pricing rfid bullseye and seasonal tl then they for sure need more then one tm. There are a ton of stores struggling in that area rn. Rn I think it's pretty fair in what everyone owns. Atleast...
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    Transferring a TL to department that didn't have one before.

    Is it not a part of simplification? Idk why they wouldn't be a part of the new process
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    How long does a TL have to stay in their department before reassignment.

    I changed my tl position 5 times in my first year due to all of those reasons. Had a tl leave on medical loa, then another got fired, then one quit, then another medical leave. I was chosen since I had been with Target for so long and knew the areas.
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    See if it updates by your next shift. Your first 2 weeks are usually given to you at orientation for training. Because you started later in the week it may have been missed. Just ask your tl or etl on your next shift.
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    Transferring a TL to department that didn't have one before.

    What department are we talking about that is only 1 tm I'm confused. In the end everyone really still owns just as much as before.
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    How long does planorama usually last?

    The planorama is usually a week. There is a lot of prep before so though.
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    Losing Health Insurance

    Everyone gets some form of benefits from spot like the Ltd. That's why you would still get the letters in the mail and such. I'm assuming the exchange is similar to mass health for cheaper insurance options for individuals that are low income. You are denied insurance from spot so it won't...
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    SETL Routines

    Welcome and good luck. As a gmtl help with reshop as much as possible. If you want people to back up without complaining making sure the team up front is active and not just sitting there will go a long way.
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    15 years and counting at Target

    I know in the past you could not be a current target employee to apply for internship but that was so long ago since I looked it may have changed. I know they also weren't really promoting from tm to etl without previous experience in leadership. If your plan Is to move up I'd look into TL asap.
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    Question about GM stats

    Raises occur once a year and aren't really the best. If your new you will only get so much of the raise either like if you worked 3 months you get 1/4 the amount of the raise for being there 1/4 of the year. Your individual stats aren't really going to matter. Very limited amount of tms will...