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  1. Batteryguy556

    Promoted to guest

    ODTM here too, I’ve been waiting for them to fire me but they haven’t yet. This place sucks, but the discount is great. Enjoy not being ball and chained to this evil corporation anymore.
  2. Batteryguy556

    Target refusing to add suffix

    Change your legal name so that your first name is junior. Then force them to add a suffix anyway. Maximum damage.
  3. Batteryguy556

    Target Stores Bomb Threats in my city.

    Of all the places, why target? The only people who shop here are annoying wannabe yuppies At least pick somewhere good like erewhon, lmao. (In Minecraft)
  4. Batteryguy556


    Welcome! Don’t forget, you’re here forever.
  5. Batteryguy556

    Weirdest item you’ve seen/had to spider wrap?

    They made me wrap those male masturbators. guess the locals were stealing them, lol
  6. Batteryguy556

    DC Retaliation at Target Repost

    look out guys, we have a made man here. Are your managers going to get a fish wrapped in newspaper in the mail anytime soon?
  7. Batteryguy556

    hiya, new seasonal employee here :)

    You should try to find a better job before Target completely sucks your soul dry. My advice to you, get an education, work on transferrable skills, go to trade school... don't stay at target longer than a year if you can help it. You have very little opportunity for growth in the retail world...
  8. Batteryguy556

    A Message For Corporate

    To any corporate fart that reads this post, I hereby promise to inconvenience you any time that you come into my store for any sort of audit or visit.
  9. Batteryguy556


    Update: Not sorry anymore.
  10. Batteryguy556

    What should I do?

    Pour concrete into the toilets, it's the only option
  11. Batteryguy556

    Hello. Just hired need info

    They will gaslight you, haze you, and steal your life savings. Also they'll force you to bake one of 7 different types of pies. If you fail at baking the Pecan one they will immediately summon a demon to torment you. Just show up, lol.
  12. Batteryguy556


    I haven't been mean to you yet, you're too new
  13. Batteryguy556


    Sorry to everyone I was a dick to today That is all
  14. Batteryguy556


    Who is jake and do I have to kill him in hand to hand combat?
  15. Batteryguy556

    Target relationships

    All of the dumbfuck teenagers are dating each other at my store, the breakups are really funny especially when it's two guest service farts
  16. Batteryguy556

    Your store pushing loyalty Lately?

    Careful, if you show your powerlevel here the commies come out of the woodwork and try to shit on you "ZOMG NOOOO YOU CAN'T JUST ENJOY YOUR EASY RETAIL JOB!! >:("
  17. Batteryguy556


    I'll shit in yours if you talk to me out of line again do you know who I am? do you know the power I wield?
  18. Batteryguy556

    Stickers on name tag?

    why are you double posting so much, you know you can quote multiple posts in one go >who hurt you lmao no one, I am just immune to the whining virus that all retail farts seem to have >customers see what kind of person you are no one cares. you know they don't give us another thought right...
  19. Batteryguy556

    Stickers on name tag?

    I am simply annoyed with level 1 slimes complaining about their jobs while doing absolutely nothing about it except posting on an anonymous basket weaving target circle extremist website
  20. Batteryguy556


    Leave before the old coots here radicalize you into hating your job Remember that target is just another job and there are hundreds of places hiring