call off

  1. lacimaci1455

    Should I feel guilty about calling out tomorrow?

    So I am about to receive my degree in Intl. Relations and graduate in a few weeks. Tomorrow and the next day I have 2 presentations to give, both worth 20-30% of my grades in the classes and one I have to speak for 25 minutes. I am almost done with them but I am scheduled to work from 5 to...
  2. M

    Calling out

    Hey, so my store has been dropping a lot of people, mostly for the hours of course and I’ve been feeling very sick for the past two days. On Sunday I called out and went about my usual sick routine of making some soup and not being able to hold it in so just drinking electrolytes. But then I got...
  3. A

    Calling Out Ahead of time

    If I know I cannot work when I am scheduled because I have class (and they are aware) but I need to call out, should I call out ahead of time or that day? I feel so guilty calling out but I have to
  4. CsideMaster

    First NCNS

    I’ve been with target 3 and a half years and have never had a NCNS. For some reason i thought I was off today, I went online to check the new schedule only to see I was supposed to work this morning. I completely forgot and I am kicking myself for it. How bad do you guys think it’ll be when I go...
  5. B

    Consequences for calling out during a snowstorm?

    I am just wondering if you get written up for calling out during bad weather? I hate calling out and have not since I started working at Target last spring, but this weekend is supposed to be pretty bad in the next few days, so if the local authorities as saying that people should stay off the...
  6. K

    No call, No Show Help

    I recently quit my job at a target store by not showing up anymore. I tried applying at a different location, was told they'd contact my old store (without me saying I've worked there) and then received a rejection email. I was wondering is there a loophole back into target. If I move to a...
  7. R

    Call out this Christmas Eve.

    Contemplating whether or not to call out so you can spend time with your family tonight for Christmas Eve? Then do it. Family is not forever, as I learned the hard way. Even a year later I am still angry with myself for not having the balls to call out last Christmas Eve. And I missed out on...
  8. 1

    Call Out Policy...?

    So I’m still in the 90 day trial period of working bc I was hired for a seasonal position. On Wednesday I called out because I was sick and then today I called out because I was actually on my way to work and I got into a car accident. When I let them know, they weren’t that understanding and...
  9. J

    Can I get in trouble, written up (NCNS) if I got scheduled overnight for a shift I didn't accept?

    So yesterday they were trying to reach me to work today on the Signing for the Ad, but I never answered my phone. They were calling a lot until I send a text to someone who was trying to reach me, and told him I was out of town. I just checked right now and on Kronos I was scheduled. I never...
  10. BullseyeTheDog

    Calling out - in my case, what’s your opinion?

    So I’ve been with the bullseye gang for over a year, and in that span I’ve called out a total of 1 time. It was sometime during the spring, I think. I am planning to call out from a relatively short (less than 6 hours) shift this week because I just need a friggin break. I’ve got exams for...
  11. Starlark

    Calling Out: Guilt.

    Sort of a vent, sort of looking for reassurance: I only callout when I'm sick. In over 2-years in SL (now Shoe tm) I always am in and ready to work. Tomorrow will be the first time I call out. No lying I'm sick, or using any reason. But there IS a reason, of course...HR keep screwing me in the...
  12. Ayoriva

    Called out and seasonal

    I had to call out yesterday because I couldn’t stop throwing up. But I’m seasonal at guest service and wanted to stay on with the company. Guess I should look for other jobs.. How often do seasonal TMs even get to stay on?
  13. J

    Calling In

    If I need to call out on Sunday what time of day do I do it (I work at 1:30pm) and do I call the store and if so who do I ask for and if not what number should I call. It is for a school activity so I don't think there should be any issues and HR even said I should call in I just dont know how.
  14. Starlark

    Weekend Call Outs: Corrective?

    So our STL just implemented correctives for calling out on weekends for any reason. Says it's on account of bad attendance. Apparently not even a doctors note would change it. Seems cruel for those of us that are super dependable. Even heard an ETL say she thought it was too much. And I'm...
  15. Z

    Question regarding calling off

    Hey all, Tomorrow I am heading on a small trip I've known about for a while. I have a shift tomorrow morning and Monday night closing. I listed both of my shifts to be picked up for around a week now and also talked to many other team members in my section about someone picking them up for me...
  16. A

    Accidental but Non-Accidental NCNS

    Yesterday I was scheduled to work but I had car issues so I couldn't actually come into work. However, I called the store and they transferred me over but no one responded. I had no way to get to work and no one responded; today I tried to log into my target account to check my pay and it says...
  17. B

    Accidental No Call No Show. I'm worried

    I made a simple mistake today. Thought I worked tomorrow and not today. I've had amazing attendance and have worked here since Nov. 3 of 2017, so almost a year. I've had one other instance of this back in March, I think. I was given a corrective action but I can't remember how long I had to get...
  18. G

    Calling out during my 90 day probation period

    So, I started at target at the beginning of August. I'm coming up on 60 days, however my question is; About 3 weeks after starting I had an emergency which landed me in the hospital over night, I called out and it was fine, I gave a doctors note and that was that.. But now I have the...
  19. A

    Target doesn’t Accept Doctors notes?

    My TL just said target doesn’t accept doctors notes to excuse a sick day, is that... legal?
  20. S

    No voice - within 90 days

    Okay guys, I am new to this. I was hired August 30th and have worked my shifts on time without issue for the last two weeks. I was even sick and coughing my last 2 shifts. Woke up Friday (yesterday) AM with ZERO voice. Ended up at urgent care and they said I need vocal rest til at least Monday...