1. D

    Another Newbie...What to expect?

    Glad to be here, first off. Hope everyone is having a great day. I got officially on boarded as a Warehouse Associate at my DC on A1 key. The job looked acceptable labor wise and the people there seemed to enjoy it. (Lots of people there over 30 years...ever since it opened) What can I expect...
  2. SunnyShine


    Hi, all! I'm Outbound and consistently exceed productivity. Learned 2 of the PIT so far and 3 different roles in OB. I like to think that although I'm replaceable, I do add value to my team. That being said, I was voluntold to cross-train in Warehouse. Learned CF, and just learned another new...
  3. I

    DC "Storage"

    Anyone elses store apart of the DC being over stocked and sending the excess merchandise to stores to "store" in storage containers. We were told not to call for our storage containers to be picked up as our DC was going to be offloading a bunch of excess DPCI on us. It has been a nightmare...
  4. T

    "Warehouse leaders"

    Noone talking about this? They announced it at startup last week. Something like 32 in the building, so 8 per dept, so 2 per key. It was said they will make more $ than regular TM but not how much more. Was also stated that Target is following industry trends with this or something (which to me...
  5. S

    DC Closed

    Our DC has been closed a few days in a row now due to the TX winter storm. Anyone know if pay will be provided for canceled shifts?
  6. S

    DC Job Change

    I'm currently a packer working nights and weekends. I'm switching to breakpack and my letter says I will no longer receive the differential shift pay. Is that a typo? Has anyone else went through a DC job change and see that? I'll definitely be talking to HR about that cause it pretty much...
  7. D

    Efficency on manual dock

    So, after four years at Target of being a packer, then MBP, I made the choice to move to inbound. I had been flexing over constantly since everything started with COVID and I came to really enjoy working there. OM's are awesome, awesome teammates, even became a trainer after four months (...
  8. C

    Tips on productivity?

    I've been at Traget DC for about a month in the warehouse/carton air department. I'm having trouble getting my numbers. Any advice on staying consistent at 100%? I feel that I get the bad labels. My name is always on mine and no one else gets that special treatment. It's like I'm selected to do...
  9. A

    60 hour work weeks

    I've heard 60 hour work weeks are "normal" at DC's. Is this true just for some periods or overall? I'm also considering getting a job at a DC some day and am wondering if it'd be a guaranteed/likely hire if I was transferring from a store, I am in fulfillment aka packing/picking. Also if anybody...
  10. D

    Anyone left Target DC and came back?

    Hello, I'm a former team member at an East Coast DC. Started in Inbound and transferred to WHS in my last few months there. Worked a total of 2 years. I left for a (at the time) better job. This new job pays slightly more and is much less physical, but is incredibly boring and requires more days...
  11. SunnyShine

    How safe is my job?

    I was hired on a few months ago. Enrolled in benefits, vest-free. However I've noticed quite a few people getting fired since my start date, including seasoned vets. I signed a lease and move-in is mid-January. I'm one hell of a worker, but I'm scared I'll be one of the ones weeded out. Perhaps...
  12. B


    I went on medical leave 2nd week of Oct. Well when it was my return date on the oct 24t. I had to miss more work. I got a doctor not and my new return date was Nov 2nd. I go into work after working 3 hours. Well they said hr needed to speak to me. I worked there over a year. Another coworker...
  13. M

    Seasonal to Permanent...pay raise?

    I work at a DC. I've been there for almost 6 months. I've been told by leaders that they are making me permanent soon. If they do make me permanent, does that mean I get a pay raise?
  14. SunnyShine

    Update: Outbound (Women, please read)

    I'm thriving. As a single woman in a physical labor position who also goes to school full time, I have never felt more feminine in my life. I'm regaining muscle, I'm gaining knowledge on the side, and I feel like a force not to be reckoned with. After many heartfelt tears hidden in the trailers...
  15. FlowChick

    Banned for 7 years for missing last shift in 2015. Does that apply to DC?

    I currently work at Amazon. But i just dont get enough hours where I am. I loved working at Target but was pregnant and stupidly missed my last shift for my 2 weeks in 2015. They told me I couldnt reapply for 7 years. I know that doesnt apply to Corporate (I'm in MN) but does it apply to DC's?
  16. D

    voluntary approved from app now

  17. L

    Operations Manager internship

    I can't find any reviews or former experiences online about this internship. What's the pay like? How long is the internship? What percentage of interns go on to get hired? Do you learn a lot? What were your responsibilities? What school year were you (junior, senior, graduate [there are...
  18. D


    Anyone else’s mbp department like 4 days behind? All do’s in use and max number of flex ins and still waaaaay behind.
  19. S

    Backfill Question

    How does the backfill work ? What can it be used for?
  20. G

    Labeled as "efficient", How does OT work?

    My OM just labeled me as efficient (still not out of my 90 days) and I understand that I will now be required to work OT. How do I sign up for my OT? All I know is that I somehow I have to use Workday to do it. I tried to play around with it earlier, but I couldn't make any sense of it. Could...