1. A

    Wearing hijab at DC

    #1 Hi all, my friend just got an offer letter at one of Target DC. She is muslim,wants to wear her hijab at work and was wondering if that has a place in a warehouse. Please share your experiences
  2. A

    Wearing hijab in DC

    Hi all, my friend just got an offer letter at on of Target DC. She is muslim,wants to wear her hijab at work and was wondering if that has a place in a warehouse. Please share your experiences
  3. A

    New to Target and what to expect.

    Hello everyone, I applied and received an offer letter from a Target distribution center. According the offer, my schedule will be A1 Saturday-Monday 6am-6pm. Can you guys give me a general idea of what to expect? I'm used to physically demanding jobs (I've worked at Amazon and Wayfair).
  4. S

    DC Job Change

    So I went from packing for a year to break pack a little over a month ago and they still have me packing. I've done some feeding on 5 different occasions and have been trained for cart in air only once since I've made the switch. Is it normal to keep working in your old department when you've...
  5. Planosss reborn

    Freight flow issues

    Has anyone noticed a trend in light trucks, canceling doubles, or canceling all together. All DC initiated? @allnew2
  6. S

    8th Tier

    How tall exactly is that 8th tier in the DCs? Training to pick and that's got my nerves on edge a bit. Not so much the height but how the whole equipment kinda moves and rocks a bit.
  7. Planosss reborn

    Job, jobs, jobs

    You get a job, he and she gets a job, everybody, inbound jobs , get em while they’re hot 🙄
  8. S

    Inbound jobs

    Would anyon know what all jobs & job descriptions the inbound department would have at an rdc?
  9. S

    What kind of job could I be working if I’m under the inbound department?

    So I recently started working at the Target DC in my area and got assigned to the inbound department and was just wondering what exactly I could be doing
  10. SunnyShine

    Masks and overheating

    Hi all, Yesterday I was in depal and was throwing pallet after pallet of detergent and water. Yikes. My partner pulled his mask down under his chin. I did the same, and eventually felt so hot I took mine off. We were working very hard and the masks were becoming problematic, but we were...
  11. I

    Inbound Problem Solvers

    I was offered a position as an inbound problem solver recently. What should I expect? What would be the major differences from being an inbound warehouse worker In terms of job duties and also being in a merit position?
  12. D


    Hello all, I’ve been on the A1 shift at my DC for about a month now. (My orientation was on 2/23/21). I’m just now breaking 140-150/hr (goal is around 200). I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong? All the others who were hired with me are already 170-205/hr. As far as I know I think I’m still in my...
  13. F

    Warehouse lead position causing trainers to step down.

    Trainers were pretty much already placed as voluntary leads without a pay increase at my DC. Have an issue well then see the trainer because the OM's usually can't be found or they've never physically done the job and aren't knowledgeable enough to problem solve most issues. A trainer is now...
  14. D

    Remember Logistics?

    Remember your DC Logistics team? You know, the ones that “didnt really contribute” and they removed the positions? Now with Problem Solver and ICQA, they have more than quadrupled the number of team members that worked in those original Logistics jobs, doing basically the same thing. Which...
  15. K

    Mistake in application?

    Hello, I went to orientation today and after not being told all day what job I got and training for packer position, I was given the job of outbound. I unfortunately made a mistake in my application as I cannot lift 60 lbs, I don’t want to get fired but I don’t think I can successfully do the...
  16. D

    Another Newbie...What to expect?

    Glad to be here, first off. Hope everyone is having a great day. I got officially on boarded as a Warehouse Associate at my DC on A1 key. The job looked acceptable labor wise and the people there seemed to enjoy it. (Lots of people there over 30 years...ever since it opened) What can I expect...
  17. SunnyShine


    Hi, all! I'm Outbound and consistently exceed productivity. Learned 2 of the PIT so far and 3 different roles in OB. I like to think that although I'm replaceable, I do add value to my team. That being said, I was voluntold to cross-train in Warehouse. Learned CF, and just learned another new...
  18. I

    DC "Storage"

    Anyone elses store apart of the DC being over stocked and sending the excess merchandise to stores to "store" in storage containers. We were told not to call for our storage containers to be picked up as our DC was going to be offloading a bunch of excess DPCI on us. It has been a nightmare...
  19. T

    "Warehouse leaders"

    Noone talking about this? They announced it at startup last week. Something like 32 in the building, so 8 per dept, so 2 per key. It was said they will make more $ than regular TM but not how much more. Was also stated that Target is following industry trends with this or something (which to me...
  20. S

    DC Closed

    Our DC has been closed a few days in a row now due to the TX winter storm. Anyone know if pay will be provided for canceled shifts?