1. Yaz Pistasio

    Schedule exception

    How do I get one of these? How long can I be on one? Can you work overtime on one? What happens if the job/key change happens while I’m on one, particularly the key I signed up for Is the same as my schedule exception?…. It’s getting too hot on my key…too much entitled people BS and OM’s fixing...
  2. F

    ICQA getting slashed

    We just learned that the ICQA department budget has been cut and they are now considered overstaffed by almost 1/3 of the people in it and will all be getting their hours cut but OM and SOM had zero insight as to what that means for them. Its disgusting how absolutely inept the management of...
  3. Yaz Pistasio

    Job change

    When do the warehouses do their internal job change? Fixin to switch keys
  4. T

    One LWW

    Any DCs roll out 2024 going down to one LWW for capacity and mbp? Seems to be a big change to make without it possibly have been trialed at another dc.
  5. C

    Merit cross training

    As a merit tm can I refuse training as a backup for a different merit position that I am not comfortable being in? I did not apply for it and I have never shown an interest for it, however my OM is forcing it anyways. We already have multiple backup tms for it and I'm wondering if I have have...
  6. J

    Merit Level 1

    Story time with Q&A (DC) Here's the story... I started this journey at the end of June 2020 (COVID mass hire) Inbound A1. 10 months in, May 2021, I moved into Operations Clerical/Packet Officefor IB A2 (Level 1 Merit). Throughout the years TM across the DC have received multiple pay increases...
  7. L


    WOW! this chick at our DC who works in Idk battery change area has the shittiest attitude. For coming couple minute early. We're not even busy now. Fucking egoo trip.
  8. Yaz Pistasio

    A1 vs B1

    In your opinion which key is better to work..that is all🤩
  9. C

    SfRDC ICQA responsibilities

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how Capacity/Consolidations and LTR are handled at your site? My building has been having the wave techs handle these functions but they have been pushing back lately claiming they do not have enough time throughout the week for either/or to be something...
  10. W

    Operations Manager Intern

    Hello everyone! I just received word that I landed the operations manager summer internship for my local Target distribution center. I had a few questions that I hope someone in here might be able to answer regarding transitioning to a full time OM after the internship. I am still deciding...
  11. B

    What does a DC Asset Protection Manager Do?

    I saw a job posting for a Management role in a Distribution center. Can anyone tell me what a day in the life of that job looks like and if its easy to get promoted? I know for retail stores asset protection people apprehend suspects stealing things. I'm assuming its the same for a warehouse but...
  12. I

    Does fixing miss pick hurt DC scores?

    We've been getting more miss picks than normal lately. Today we got what suppose to be a toy ended up being adult diapers. Does processing miss pick affect DC metrics? Do they even care?
  13. N

    DC Retaliation at Target Repost

    Hey. So, I want to know if someone has advice on how one of my fellow team members can go out about getting this handled without dealing with the integrity line or our DC HR. The team member had put in a job change at my DC two months ago. Note that she is a exceptional receiver at our...
  14. N


  15. Yaz Pistasio


    We have rats… they get into all the food…and crap everywhere 🤮
  16. Yaz Pistasio

    is icqa a dying department?

    our dc stopped using backups, no overtime for icqa team mates ….not replenishing teammates that quit..what’s going on?
  17. N

    Training at DC

    I wanted to know when you are at a DC is a Senior OM over how the training in their department goes or is the TOM cause where I work the Senior is calling all the shots for the training…..?
  18. BloodSweatTears

    Has anyone temporarily traveled to support another DC for a week or more?

    2 years ago Target had a program I believe was called “SWAT” can’t actually find any info online about it. My Target paid for the flight, hotel and gave a daily allowance for food to provide support for a list of DC’s that needed the extra help. I ended up deciding on New York (579). iirc there...
  19. C

    Hierarchy of Human Resources in the DC

    What are the positions and ranking of those positions?
  20. D

    What makes you feel appreciated?

    BTS results for our DC show that most TM do not feel recognized/appreciated nor did the teams feel their concerns are heard/addressed. But recognition and appreciation can be very subjective - curious what happens at other DCs and if our results are the norm, or if we really have an issue. To...