1. U

    (Warehouse/distribution center) How long does it take for them to say I got the job? And what shoes should buy?

    How long did it take for them to say you got the job? Also is the pay weekly or bi-weekly (not sure if that’s something I can look up online). Also! Do they train you to operate machinery like forklifts or is that something you need to do on your own?
  2. D

    Re-interviewing for backup

    So, last year I went from Merit (ICQA) back to the floor. They have been using me since then as a backup. There has been no issues with them using me even with the new backup pay. They recently hired two new backups since from the time I left until then I was the only backup. I learned after I...
  3. Luck

    Paid Sick Time

    What are everyones thoughts on the new policy to accrue paid sick time? Peesonally I am ecstatic. Its essentially a free week of extra vacation if you arent the type to call during the year.
  4. Yaz Pistasio

    trouble shooter

    Are capacity backup leads doing the troubleshooting now?
  5. Yaz Pistasio


    Does working A2suck? Asking for a friend….
  6. Myalicious

    What is your CPH goal?

    Hey all I’ve worked in 2 departments, first was Outbound. Our CPH standard in OB was like 65 carts per hour in non con. Now I’m in Warehouse doing Cart in Air with CPH standard being 200. Just curious about other DC’s so please drop your CPH’s in a comment. TIA!
  7. R

    Rebin nightmare??

    How's everyone else doing out there in other Dcs? Here at t579 it's getting shittier and shittier. Get scheduled for 30hrs a week but get lucky if I get 24hrs before being sent home due to no more work. I bust my ass for this place and I like my job but it's quickly becoming a part time job...
  8. Yaz Pistasio


    why do i have to take a corse on intersectionality and equity just to sling boxes and work in a place where half the toilets don’t work???
  9. P

    How and why?

    How does this even happen? And why would the person who put it here say ... this is normal. I'm just confused how the system works to allow this.
  10. Yaz Pistasio

    merit folks

    Do people on merit( icqa, capacity) have to wait 6 months before switching job roles?
  11. R

    Any other Dcs in mandatory flex down?

    I thought that they were just going to be taking hours from us in rebin but the whole warehouse got flexed down last week (32hrs) and this week (30.5) on A1. Plus they are sending random people home after start up if there's not enough work. Just wondering what other Dcs are doing? Sorry I see...
  12. 2

    Which are the busiest DCs? and When might hiring resume?

    Anyone knows the top 3 or 5 busiest DCs? Also, I know things are slow right now, but any guess when hiring might resume across the board? Is Indeed[.]com the place to look for openings?
  13. D

    Pay on different shifts

    We recently had an all team member meeting and at the end someone asked when we would get a raise being that we hadn't had one in 2 years. We were told that they don't see a raise coming any time soon. What I find odd though is I work B1, all the other shifts in the past year got raises in shift...
  14. D

    Black Plastic Pallets

    Are any other DC's out there not aloud to use the black plastic pallets? All freight that comes into our DC with those pallets is taken off and put onto the wood pallets. I remember when they first came out we were talking about going to those pallets but for some reason we are being told not to...
  15. D

    Team Voice

    HR is starting to make noise about the upcoming team voice. Walking around more than usual, asking us to answer soecific questions to help them get ahead of the coming storm once we have access to the actual survey. Hmmm , let me think. Merit raises were shit, many of our LWW are overpaid now...
  16. MPLSbullseye

    Contracted FOOD vendor

    Does anyone else find it odd that Target hires an outside vendor to stock the break room with food? Versus just having a target store provide it? What have you received as a “gift”? LOL
  17. B

    Merit positions

    Was wondering how other Dc do job posting for merit positions? In this DC all merits positions expect the LWW are offered to current tm in those positions if they want to move keys and then if not filled are posted to the whole building and workday.
  18. D

    Working on days off

    So people just show up on there days off and clock in and then work (not on the schedule)
  19. I

    Interviews for Dedicated Team Trainer

    Have any DC's started the interview process for Dedicated Team Trainer yet? Has anyone been given a timeline when this role will become effective at their DC? My DC says we are behind schedule and the new Role won't officially kick off until late April / early May.
  20. R

    How are FDC pallets organized per store

    I‘ve recently moved from Fulfillment to our Produce Department and have noticed that we get a fair amount of pallets that have mixed Produce/Dairy/Deli products on them. Can someone in an FDC describe the process on how refrigerated pallets are assembled? Is there a process that attempts to...