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    Archived Bench eligible for SrTL?

    Does anyone know if you're able to apply for a SrTL position once you're on the bench? Or is that not what being on the bench is for? Thinking in terms for my development as well as pay. I'm a GSA right now, and I'll be taking my interviews later in the week. Unfortunately, I haven't had a...
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    Archived Lost Zebra

    does anyone have advice if I lost a zebra? I'm a new GSA, hoping to get on the bench and now I'm just worried I've dug myself in a hole. I've been a GSA for 3 months now and everyone knows how forgetful I am, but if I do lose something, I'm the first to admit that I've lost it and I know for a...
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    Bench advice

    So recently I have been told that they would like me to ride the pine on the TL Bench. My only opportunity was that they would like me to take on a more "Leadership role". This however, frustrates me. I am a PA in market in an AA Volume store, who a few months ago had his partner PA and CTL...