tv show

  1. buliSBI


    FYI Season 6 of Agents of SHIELD is returning. Its going to be interesting how they will incorporate Infinity Wars/Endgame into the show. And if they will incorporate any MCU Phase 4 references as well.
  2. sito


    I dont know how many LGBT peeps are on the forum, but I'd thought I'd give it a shot... anyone watch RuPaul's Drag Race???? What season did you watch first? Are you watching the current season? How's your head?
  3. BullseyeBlues

    Powerpuff Girls are back!

    So, evidently, Cartoon Network is doing a reboot of the Powerpuff Girls soon. I remember watching the old episodes all the time with my friends as a kid. As a way to ramp up excitement for the reboot, Cartoon Network has a website where people can make a version of themselves in the Powerpuff...
  4. HardlinesFour

    What TV Shows do you watch?

    Seriously. What are some good shows :)